Sunday, December 4

Trouble Maker MV

Korean pop idol group members Jang Hyunseung of B2ST/BEAST ("SHOCK," "Bad Girl," and "Fiction") and Kim Hyuna of 4MINUTE ("Hot Issue," "Heart 2 Heart," and "Mirror Mirror") have teamed up to create Trouble Maker. Their debut single? ...well, it's Trouble Maker. The title track is a jazz-infused pop song with an easily addictive beat and the sexiest whistling I've ever heard. Then again, I have a bias in Hyunseung. The boy makes a leopard-print dinner jacket look some kinda sexy.

The plot is very James Bond if I'm interpreting it correctly, but who needs a plot when you have two attractive Korean kids in stylish clothes dropping it like it's hot? Hyuna does her best "sex kitten" imitation here, which would be impressive if I didn't know Kuroki Meisa does it better. (See: "Bad Girl" PV.) The rap seemed like the only reason they had Hyuna in the unit, but Hyunseung does a great job vocally, but I'm probably only saying that because hey, I have a bias in Hyunseung!

Honestly, though, the MV itself is fun to watch, and the song is good. I'm digging Hyuna's look here, which is more coquettish than sexy in my personal opinion. Her hair is effing cute, and her makeup is bangin'.

Now if she would only ditch the circle lenses...

And Hyunseung? Hyunseung's great. Hyunseung is perfect. I'm biased, don't judge me.