Saturday, October 8

October update.

My red has completely faded, and my roots have grown in with a vengeance.

I've been trying to grow my hair back out (I have a preference for longer hair) but it's been a little difficult; the dyeing has left my hair pretty weak and I can see a lot of split ends already. Luckily I'll be visiting my stylist tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get rid of these ends -- and maybe get more red in, I haven't really decided yet.

I also have a new phone. It's been about a month.

This is the white iPhone4. I think the big difference between this and the iPhone4S is just the camera and there's something involving voice activation, so I didn't wait for that one. Lately my biggest obsession thanks to it has been that one game, "Cut the Rope"...the little monster Om Nom is endearing. Gah.

Meanwhile, work has been work. Being asocial is a really bad thing when one works in retail, I can tell you that...

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