Saturday, October 8

No buy? What no buy?

My favorite Blogger resource for inexpensive makeup, [ Nouveau Cheap ], has tested my limits and won with this post about [ Stila's 5 Foundations for 5 Dollars ] post. I've never really tried anything from Stila, but they've always been a brand of interest for me considering people rave about a variety of their products all the time, all over the internet. I've also never been a big fan of foundation since I don't see my skin as problematic enough to need that much coverage, but tinted moisturizer is an entirely different story. I adore tinted moisturizer. (I love Revlon's ColorStay and PhotoReady foundations, true, but I tend to use them for special occasions.) I'll probably try four out of the five foundations listed -- I'm not a fan of the bronzing TM.

I can feel my debit cards sighing in exasperation already.

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