Tuesday, October 18


I saw my [ stylist ] the other day because my roots were grown in and looked a little bad; see [ here ] for that hot mess. ARES helped fix my roots and trimmed my ends, because whoo boy, they were looking a little frayed when I got to her salon.

My hair update is just fixed roots, a trim, and I think she gave me a couple of highlights. My hair is now red-auburn with lingering hints of violet; at least that's how I see it. In the bright sunlight, it shows up way more red than in flash photography. It's all good with me, considering I don't personally jive with the idea of showing up to work with violet hair. (It's great for some people, but not for me.)

In other news, life continues its sedate pace. Absolutely nothing exciting has happened in my life, and considering my personality, that's a pretty good thing. I've gone ahead and gotten a public Twitter to follow bloggers/Twitters of interest, which is actually pretty fun considering I forget my Twitter exists until the very end of the day. Heh, but when I do check it, it's a little Twitter list of beauty blogs and updates. ♥

I've been pretty good about my no-buy, with the exception of the Stila thing -- the package arrived, by the way, but my first impression of the Stila tinted moisturizers are not too positive -- and this online order I'm going to place on the Walgreens website as soon as I finish this blog. As always, I'm going to blame Nouveau Cheap for this one; her enabling ways are stronger than Force Persuasion. If you wanna know to what I'm referring, please check [ here ] for that information. Brilliant stuff, I have to say.

Halloween's coming up soon. Plans? I have none. All I know for a fact is that I have to go to LACMA before the month's end so I can enjoy the Tim Burton exhibit they have there one last time.

I'm terrible at concluding my writing -- always have been, always will be -- so let me save myself from embarrassment with a little smidgen of food porn:

That hideous creation in the top picture is a food truck's version of a Hawaiian loco moco (and it was delicious until I could not eat another bite), while the bottom picture is Japanese takoyaki -- fried balls of batter with octopus inside -- with ponzu sauce. Delicious.


  1. Great conclusion!!! I haven't had takoyaki in forever...

    Nouveau Cheap has that same effect on me too lol.

    Hey don't you live in the South Bay? I just moved to Torrance in my bf not too long ago.

  2. yummy food!