Wednesday, August 17

preview haul with the girls

In the beginning of August one of my best friends came back from teaching in Japan, and near the end of her short stay -- she was only around for ten days! -- I went with her to go shopping for souvenirs. Because it's almost the fall season, lots of stores in the Santa Monica Promenade were having end-of-the-season sales. The two places where I hauled a handful of things were Charlotte Russe and Love Culture.

Three tops and one I need more purses.

The orange and yellow tops both came from Charlotte Russe; meanwhile, Love Culture had a BOGOFREE sale so I got that shirt for free when I bought the bag. (Originally I wanted the shirt, but when they said it was BOGOFREE my friend Tracy gave me this bag and told me to buy it. The purse was pricier than the shirt.) Hey, whatever, this stuff is pretty good. I'll spaz about the price reductions later. :)

Oddly enough, I went to the Promenade primarily to visit the LUSH store there, because I've fallen in love with a perfume for the first time ever in my life:

I am addicted to this fragrance. Jasmine for the win.

I plan to wear it to work tomorrow.

Oh yeah, it's kind of crazy -- I'll be working at Kohl's from now on. Yay, retail! That's going to be blog fodder, lol.

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