Tuesday, August 9

one night out

On the weekend of my birthday, my mum decided to drag us to spend the night in a nice hotel. To be perfectly honest, both me and my mum are homebodies; both my brothers are the social ones. I have no problem with it since I'm perfectly content to while away my time at home with my books, my persocom, and...my books, but I know my mum and older brother worry because I'm a woman in my twenties who isn't too fond of the outside world. What can I say? I'm just socially awkward. But anyway, that's not the point. The point was, my mum sprung a trip on us so we high-tailed it to San Diego for a night at Harrah's. Yes, the casino. They have a really lovely hotel.

Of course, when we got there, we heard slot machines and saw poker tables. My kid brother, who is precisely three years younger than myself -- we were born on the same day, three years apart! -- had turned 21, so he was just excited to be able to order alcohol and flash his ID. My older brother was excited for Harrah's buffet, and me? I wanted to try out the beds. See our priorities? Drinking, eating, and sleeping. My poor mum! ♥ Sometimes I wonder how she puts up with such odd kids. (The answer? With a ton of love and saintly patience.)

So we arrive at the pretty hotel room, there's a mini-fridge and everything, a lovely bathroom like this:

The mirrors were so big...and that tub. That's got my name on it.

and we just had a great family dinner at the new Cafe that opened up. My brothers go off for drinking and merry-making, my mum decides to walk around -- sometimes I laugh but all her walking keeps her way more fit than me! Woe! -- and me? Well...this is what I do when I'm faced with a beautiful hotel, gambling (and a possible chance at riches), and a gift shop selling beautiful designer bags:

(photo taken by my mum, who was so amused)

My priorities: do you see them? My family left me alone in that hotel room and I relaxed with a collection of Pablo Neruda poems for about ten minutes before I decided to hijack the bathroom and sink into the tub. I wanted to read in the tub like I'd seen other people do in the movies, but then I realized that I was risking getting my book wet so that idea went out the window. After that, I had a choice of going back down to the gift shop or even the casino, but instead, I explored our hotel room and snapped a single photo of the quirky art on the walls.

Yeah, I don't know either. But that saffron background...cool.

I read some more, and then fell asleep. My brothers came in much later, and I don't even know what happened to my mum, but we woke up around ten to my mum's voice and that was really the extent of our stay, haha. It was also only in the morning we realized we had a balcony with a view of the mountains,

This is my younger brother. He's on [ YouTube ].
He does this crazy thing where he raps and I actually like it.

plus a pool:

and I swear if I had an idea that was there before we left I'd have brought along a swimsuit. Alas!

Regardless, it was a great trip. ♥ I love my family and I'm glad we still get to do these things despite our lives.

Next time, I'll try to be a little more daring. (And I'll definitely bring a swimsuit.)

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