Thursday, August 4

I am a cat

My hair is not so red anymore and it makes me woe. :(

Red is the color which fades the fastest, which is a total bummer but I can do nothing but get touch-ups when I can. Additionally, it doesn't help that my scalp is oily; I try to hold off on the washes but I've already washed my hair about four or five times since I had it colored. :( I really need better hair care stuff.

Latest literary buy! ♥ I Am a Cat.

After visiting Whimsic Alley with my friends, we went over to The Grove where I found this at Barnes & Noble. I loved Soseki Natsume's Kokoro so I thought I'd get another book by him. I was torn between this book and another, The Three-Cornered World which was the only other Natsume book on the shelf -- the third Natsume book was Kokoro, which I already had. Both books are well-known but the fact that the protagonist in I Am a Cat just happens to be...well, a cat, I couldn't help myself. It'd be an interesting point of view to read at the very least, right?


  1. Next time I do your hair or plan to get a retouch I'll show you how to keep your red lasting longer.

  2. @ARES: I got your messages so I'm looking for those sulfate-free shampoos. ♥

  3. Kon, you really love books :) I'm not much of a reader, but I like going to Barnes and Noble to check out cookbooks lol.

    Oh and I like your hair color. I think I've told you that already. I never really dye my hair so I have no idea what shampoo is best to use for colored hair.

  4. LOL, are you sure that's the only reason you invested in Wagahai. XD XD XD

    Miss you, bb. ♥