Wednesday, August 3

birthday 2011 haul!

First of all, the family turtle says "hello!" to you all! ♥

This is a follow-up of my last blog regarding my birthday, you can find it [ here ] for your convenience. :) This is the beauty-related haul -- there's not a lot, but I've never really been someone who goes completely wild and buys a ton of stuff unless there's a seriously fabulous sale going on...which didn't happen on my birthday at all! It didn't matter, though; I still had a lot of fun. ♥ My friends are the best.

Target haul using my Target beauty coupons from ages ago:
Olay Age-Defying Intensive Nourishing night cream
Target's handbag hanger (I've been wanting one!)
Burt's Bees Naturally Nourishing Milk and Honey Body Lotion
Revlon Colorburst lip gloss in Papaya

Everything but the handbag hanger -- which set me back about $10USD -- was a dollar off because of coupons. :) I love Olay products so I bought a new night cream even though I still haven't finished my last tub, and I had a travel-sized version of the Burt's Bees Milk and Honey and I love it so I'll be using it as a body moisturizer after I finish my current one. And the Revlon lip gloss is just because I love coral makeup, lol.

It was BOGOFREE for earrings at Aldo and I couldn't resist these two sets. I have a big thing for antiqued-looking jewelry -- I have an affinity with pirates I just can't seem to shake -- and the coat of arms earrings just seemed really interesting. I also really like cameo brooches and related jewelry, so that's why the second set's there. I got five pairs of earrings inexpensively, so I'm happy. I have to disinfect them soon so I can wear them...!

I just really love this bag. :) Yellow tissue paper!

I just really like yellow. :') My friend Tracy -- [ she made this awesome earrings and bracelet set for me ] -- gave me yellow hair bows as well. They're attached to alligator clips so I can just put them on easily. Plus, I got a Starbucks gift card! Swag!

Tomorrow I'll be going out to Whimsic Alley ] with friends. First of all, amazing play on the word "whimsically" is amazing. Second of all, it's a Potterdom store. I'll try to hold on to my money, but I wouldn't be surprised if the store Accios it all out of my wallet.

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  1. That handbag hanger you purchased would be great for any location, whether at home or at the office so you don't need to place your precious bag on the floor or on your lap anymore.