Wednesday, August 17

preview haul with the girls

In the beginning of August one of my best friends came back from teaching in Japan, and near the end of her short stay -- she was only around for ten days! -- I went with her to go shopping for souvenirs. Because it's almost the fall season, lots of stores in the Santa Monica Promenade were having end-of-the-season sales. The two places where I hauled a handful of things were Charlotte Russe and Love Culture.

Three tops and one I need more purses.

The orange and yellow tops both came from Charlotte Russe; meanwhile, Love Culture had a BOGOFREE sale so I got that shirt for free when I bought the bag. (Originally I wanted the shirt, but when they said it was BOGOFREE my friend Tracy gave me this bag and told me to buy it. The purse was pricier than the shirt.) Hey, whatever, this stuff is pretty good. I'll spaz about the price reductions later. :)

Oddly enough, I went to the Promenade primarily to visit the LUSH store there, because I've fallen in love with a perfume for the first time ever in my life:

I am addicted to this fragrance. Jasmine for the win.

I plan to wear it to work tomorrow.

Oh yeah, it's kind of crazy -- I'll be working at Kohl's from now on. Yay, retail! That's going to be blog fodder, lol.

Saturday, August 13

"Just Because" Giveaway!

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Check it out if you're interested in products from MAC, Sephora, and Urban Decay! ♥

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Friday, August 12

uhljjang glasses look

It seems like Fridays are just those days I feel like putting makeup on for no reason! Today's "uhljjang glasses look" is taken from a YouTube video by Oiseau88, who runs this blog over [ here ] for your reading convenience. I randomly discovered her when YouTube recommended one of her videos for me and I immediately subscribed. Her videos are very casual/relatable with an emphasis on Korean pop-inspired makeup -- which I find myself enjoying -- and her tutorial-making style is very simplistic. I think she speaks well, with simplicity and eloquence, so I'm really happy whenever I see a new video from her. I also think her approach towards makeup is great: she likes to keep things minimalist, letting the natural features shine through instead of recreating anything wild and crazy. Sometimes I love seeing makeup at work, but most of the time I want to see a tutorial I can wear anytime. Oiseau88 does a lot of those, so I'm really glad.

The "Korean uhljjang glasses look" can be viewed [ here ] for your viewing convenience! I used this video more as a guide instead a strict tutorial; the look is primarily thick liner and eye-brightening shadows all over the lid and inner corners of the eye. Simple and clean, for the most part!

Products Used:
Wet 'n Wild Ultimate Sheer SPF15 tinted moisturizer in Sun-Kissed and Natural
E.L.F. Studio Line under-eye liquid concealer in Medium/Glow
Wet 'n Wild ColorIcon Kohl Pencil in Taupe
MAC MSF in Medium/Natural and Shimmer
E.L.F. Studio Line Blush in Candid Coral and Pink Passion
Urban Decay Primer Potion (original)
Profusion 88 ProEyeshadow Palette -- peach shadow, white shimmer highlight, yellow shadow highlight
Wet 'n Wild MegaEyes Creme Eyeliner in 887 Eggplant
NYX Eye/Eyebrow Pencil in 917 Purple
Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Coral

I use my lipsticks more as stains as opposed to actual lipsticks. I just don't jive well with the look of lipstick, I guess! But I have such a collection, aish...

Wet 'n Wild's cream eyeliner is the only cream/gel liner that doesn't smudge on me.

A closer look at the eye makeup. (Digital camera macro abilities, yay!)

I'm used to lining my eyes quite thinly with a liquid eyeliner as it's the the only time I don't have to worry about any color transferring to my lids, smearing, running, or general unsightliness when it comes to eyeliner. (I have hooded eyes.) However, the cream/gel eyeliner from Wet 'n Wild is some kind of amazing, since it dries so quickly that there's little to no transfer almost as soon as I line the eye. Of course this makes it a little difficult to work with, especially if I mess up, but I'll take the no-smearing over the slightly uneven application. I can always up the opacity with a little bit more work. I also love how the thicker liner makes the eyes stand out even behind glasses. And I just like the color purple. :)

Lately, I've really been into orange/coral. Might be the summer heat, or the fact that orange is really close to yellow in the color wheel -- I love yellow, it's the best color in the world to me -- but I've been collecting orange/coral lip colors and even blushers to the point where I have to really stop myself before I amass a collection. (No-buy? What no-buy?) So as of yesterday, my nails basically looked like this:

And my nail varnish is one of the discontinued Wet 'n Wild craze nail colors, this one is 230 Inferno. It's a badass orange.

Light formula, amazing pigmentation -- two coats to achieve perfect opacity -- and really cute packaging. As for wear time, I'm on my second day with the smallest of chips on my right thumbnail, courtesy of my own clumsiness. Why is this even discontinued?

Oh, and I watched "Cowboys & Aliens" yesterday. It was okay. That's the best compliment I can make for it, to be honest...then again, I won't lie, I really only watched it to see Harrison Ford. That man is badass, and he's sixty. I'll probably blog about that movie later, hehe.

Tuesday, August 9

one night out

On the weekend of my birthday, my mum decided to drag us to spend the night in a nice hotel. To be perfectly honest, both me and my mum are homebodies; both my brothers are the social ones. I have no problem with it since I'm perfectly content to while away my time at home with my books, my persocom, books, but I know my mum and older brother worry because I'm a woman in my twenties who isn't too fond of the outside world. What can I say? I'm just socially awkward. But anyway, that's not the point. The point was, my mum sprung a trip on us so we high-tailed it to San Diego for a night at Harrah's. Yes, the casino. They have a really lovely hotel.

Of course, when we got there, we heard slot machines and saw poker tables. My kid brother, who is precisely three years younger than myself -- we were born on the same day, three years apart! -- had turned 21, so he was just excited to be able to order alcohol and flash his ID. My older brother was excited for Harrah's buffet, and me? I wanted to try out the beds. See our priorities? Drinking, eating, and sleeping. My poor mum! ♥ Sometimes I wonder how she puts up with such odd kids. (The answer? With a ton of love and saintly patience.)

So we arrive at the pretty hotel room, there's a mini-fridge and everything, a lovely bathroom like this:

The mirrors were so big...and that tub. That's got my name on it.

and we just had a great family dinner at the new Cafe that opened up. My brothers go off for drinking and merry-making, my mum decides to walk around -- sometimes I laugh but all her walking keeps her way more fit than me! Woe! -- and me? Well...this is what I do when I'm faced with a beautiful hotel, gambling (and a possible chance at riches), and a gift shop selling beautiful designer bags:

(photo taken by my mum, who was so amused)

My priorities: do you see them? My family left me alone in that hotel room and I relaxed with a collection of Pablo Neruda poems for about ten minutes before I decided to hijack the bathroom and sink into the tub. I wanted to read in the tub like I'd seen other people do in the movies, but then I realized that I was risking getting my book wet so that idea went out the window. After that, I had a choice of going back down to the gift shop or even the casino, but instead, I explored our hotel room and snapped a single photo of the quirky art on the walls.

Yeah, I don't know either. But that saffron

I read some more, and then fell asleep. My brothers came in much later, and I don't even know what happened to my mum, but we woke up around ten to my mum's voice and that was really the extent of our stay, haha. It was also only in the morning we realized we had a balcony with a view of the mountains,

This is my younger brother. He's on [ YouTube ].
He does this crazy thing where he raps and I actually like it.

plus a pool:

and I swear if I had an idea that was there before we left I'd have brought along a swimsuit. Alas!

Regardless, it was a great trip. ♥ I love my family and I'm glad we still get to do these things despite our lives.

Next time, I'll try to be a little more daring. (And I'll definitely bring a swimsuit.)

fucking over our diet

is a title I borrowed -- with a little tweaking -- from [ this blog ], run by Becky from [ Everyday Makeup ]. She's kind of incredibly awesome, fun, and her blog is relatable and straightforward, so she deserves every follower she's got. Anyway, I borrowed the F.O.O.D. acronym because this is basically a food entry, hehehe.

I found out from my kuya -- older brother in my native language -- that food trucks congregate at a Lowe's parking lot on Western and 222nd Street (in Torrance) every Thursday, and that they serve some pretty amazing food at somewhat decent prices. I won't say the food's cheap, but it is good, and there's a food truck for just about any craving. They serve all sorts of cuisines, so a foodie can wander that parking lot to their heart's content and possibly find something to satisfy them. I've only been there twice, so I haven't been able to eat from every food truck; besides, sometimes the trucks vary. I will, however, say it's a great place to spend a Thursday night, and it's not uncommon to see a bunch of people crowding around on seats or relaxing in their cars while munching some food truck findings. Don't go alone; this place is better with a crew. Eat some good food, make some great conversation -- that seems to be the food truck way around this place.

My mum had this awesome fish sandwich...just look at it!
It's nothing like a fast food fish burger, I can tell you that.

Poutine is a Canadian thing; it's French fries, gravy, and cheese curds.
I'm sorry, did you say fries and cheese curds?
This was my first food truck dinner! ♥ I loved it.

The next time I went with my brother and mum, I found a takoyaki truck.
Takoyaki is octopus in a ball of batter, topped with sauce and green onion.
I'm not a huge fan of octopus, but this was pretty yummy! :D

Next time, I think I'll try some Cuban food. :)

Thursday, August 4

I am a cat

My hair is not so red anymore and it makes me woe. :(

Red is the color which fades the fastest, which is a total bummer but I can do nothing but get touch-ups when I can. Additionally, it doesn't help that my scalp is oily; I try to hold off on the washes but I've already washed my hair about four or five times since I had it colored. :( I really need better hair care stuff.

Latest literary buy! ♥ I Am a Cat.

After visiting Whimsic Alley with my friends, we went over to The Grove where I found this at Barnes & Noble. I loved Soseki Natsume's Kokoro so I thought I'd get another book by him. I was torn between this book and another, The Three-Cornered World which was the only other Natsume book on the shelf -- the third Natsume book was Kokoro, which I already had. Both books are well-known but the fact that the protagonist in I Am a Cat just happens to be...well, a cat, I couldn't help myself. It'd be an interesting point of view to read at the very least, right?

violet femme

It's a hot, hot summer. ;)

I really need a good shampoo that'll help me keep this red...forever, if it were possible. ♥ Does anyone have any advice? I think I might try Dove...I'm using Garnier Fructis right now and it smells great but it is legit washing my color down the drain. :(

Wednesday, August 3

birthday 2011 haul!

First of all, the family turtle says "hello!" to you all! ♥

This is a follow-up of my last blog regarding my birthday, you can find it [ here ] for your convenience. :) This is the beauty-related haul -- there's not a lot, but I've never really been someone who goes completely wild and buys a ton of stuff unless there's a seriously fabulous sale going on...which didn't happen on my birthday at all! It didn't matter, though; I still had a lot of fun. ♥ My friends are the best.

Target haul using my Target beauty coupons from ages ago:
Olay Age-Defying Intensive Nourishing night cream
Target's handbag hanger (I've been wanting one!)
Burt's Bees Naturally Nourishing Milk and Honey Body Lotion
Revlon Colorburst lip gloss in Papaya

Everything but the handbag hanger -- which set me back about $10USD -- was a dollar off because of coupons. :) I love Olay products so I bought a new night cream even though I still haven't finished my last tub, and I had a travel-sized version of the Burt's Bees Milk and Honey and I love it so I'll be using it as a body moisturizer after I finish my current one. And the Revlon lip gloss is just because I love coral makeup, lol.

It was BOGOFREE for earrings at Aldo and I couldn't resist these two sets. I have a big thing for antiqued-looking jewelry -- I have an affinity with pirates I just can't seem to shake -- and the coat of arms earrings just seemed really interesting. I also really like cameo brooches and related jewelry, so that's why the second set's there. I got five pairs of earrings inexpensively, so I'm happy. I have to disinfect them soon so I can wear them...!

I just really love this bag. :) Yellow tissue paper!

I just really like yellow. :') My friend Tracy -- [ she made this awesome earrings and bracelet set for me ] -- gave me yellow hair bows as well. They're attached to alligator clips so I can just put them on easily. Plus, I got a Starbucks gift card! Swag!

Tomorrow I'll be going out to Whimsic Alley ] with friends. First of all, amazing play on the word "whimsically" is amazing. Second of all, it's a Potterdom store. I'll try to hold on to my money, but I wouldn't be surprised if the store Accios it all out of my wallet.