Wednesday, July 20

recent acquisitions

"You'll stay with me?"
"Until the very end."

So this past Saturday, just the day after it came out in theaters, three of my friends and I met up and saw the final Potter movie. I had my friend pen a Death Eater tattoo on my left arm and everything, because I wasn't able to pull out a closet Bellatrix costume in the nick of time -- my closet carries entirely too much color to get anything Bellatrix-y out of it, so I gave up in the end. The movie was, as Ron Weasley would say, "Brilliant." I freely admit it: I sobbed in the theater. I didn't cry, didn't sniffle -- no, I straight-up sobbed. Of course I won't be posting spoilers for anyone who may be reading but hasn't seen the movie yet, but everything about Snape was sob-inducing. Everything. I can't even begin to describe my feelings about that part of the movie. There is no point holding back tears when the Snape thing happened. I would just...I commend Alan Rickman. That is all.

I clung to my seat. My friend Tracy had to bodily lift me away, and even then I was whining like a prepubescent teen who wasn't getting the newest iPhone. I couldn't leave, not even after the credits rolled, not even as the lights came back on. I know, I'm shameless. Look at all the fucks I give if anyone shot me looks of judgment that day. Harry Potter's era has just been concluded, your arguments are invalid!

I wouldn't call it the greatest movie ever, but it was a solid one. And Neville was amazing. I for one cannot wait until Pottermore goes live because I will be all over that like Dobby was all over freedom. (Rest in peace, free elf. Rest in peace.)

Sterling Silver ring from Kohl's, on clearance.

I also acquired this ring the weekend before past. Actually, it wasn't me. My friend bought this for me, and I'm forever grateful. We were in Kohl's and Tracy and I were helping him shop for new shirts when this ring caught my eye. Even though it was on clearance -- it was originally $50USD and was marked down to about $12USD -- I decided against it because I didn't plan on buying anything that day; I was mainly putting my money on food and...well, food. He got it for me anyway without my knowing, haha. I was spazzing when he surprised me with it, and I've been wearing it ever since. I only take it off when I'm sleeping or getting my hands wet, such as in washing dishes or taking a shower. Otherwise it doesn't leave me. It's just a really pretty ring, intricate without being flashy, pretty without being costume...I don't know, it's almost Elvish to me in terms of design! I love it. It reminds me of something Arwen would wear.

New bookcase -- originally a DVD case!

I had a bad Wednesday through Friday last week. We won't go much into it, but basically, ants infiltrated my room. Their point of entry is the sliding glass doors in my room that lead straight out to the backyard...and are right next to patches of earth where I'm sure the ants are happily inhabiting. Thanks to the summer heat, they relocated -- and I woke up to Antville. It was horrifying, so I cleared everything out, sprayed Raid all around the glass doors and along the adjacent walls, and hated myself for being a lazy slob. When I put everything back I did some rearrangements, threw a trash bag's worth of useless stuff out, and grabbed this old DVD rack from the back room to turn into a makeshift bookcase. It's pretty good, even if it's a little on the flimsy side. That bright pink tome you see on the highest shelf is an early birthday present from the same friend who bought me my new ring. Hehe, he spoils me too much. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Other Stories is a hardcover collection of Lewis Carroll works from my favorite universe. I love, love, LOVE Alice stories, I really do. I could go off on a tangent about this, but I won't. That's another blog post entirely.

Today's acquisitions. Bear not included.

I was a fan of St. Ives' Apricot Scrub back in the day, but as time went on and my routine became a little more regular, I discovered that I had pretty sensitive skin and that the grains in the apricot scrub were just a touch too much for my face. I passed on the love of the scrub to my younger brother -- he has oily, acne-prone skin and benefits from once-/twice-a-week scrub sessions and spent some time away from St. Ives for a while. When they came out with their Green Tea line, I wasn't really interested, having discovered the Olay Pro-X Cleansing Tool (and loving it to bits!) and thinking it was enough for me. Well, I bought a small, sample-sized (travel-sized?) tube of the Green Tea Scrub for 75 cents once, and I fell in love. The grains in the Green Tea Scrub are silica, which are much finer than apricot grains and as a result are much nicer to my skin. Not to mention the scent is just heavenly -- very soothing and light. When I found out that Rite-Aid had St. Ives skincare for 25% off, of course I snagged myself a tube. As for the nail polish...well, I just saw yellow and reached for it. It's a bargain -- the top coat came free, so I saved $1.99USD just on that!

I really love that St. Ives continues to be greener and greener -- haha, I see what I did there -- with their products. Key ingredients for the Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub are: green tea, olive oil and olive leaf extract, and silica (sand). I got that from the St. Ives website, by the way.

I don't plan on using the scrub every day, considering it'd be death to my skin since I already use the Olay Pro-X once daily. I do like to rotate my cleansers sometimes -- I have three now including the scrub -- and my skin doesn't seem to have much problem with this new addition. I should post about my skincare routine sometime in the near future...

I've also started increasing my water intake and lemon water before my first meal of the day. It's helping flush out my system and I feel really good. I don't look half bad, either!

I think I still need more toning. Argh, self! Get with it!

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