Thursday, July 21

products used: skincare

My skincare products for day and night. Looks scary at first, but isn't.

I tend to focus much more on skincare than makeup nowadays since I'm not a fan of base makeup -- foundations seem like too much trouble for me, and I rarely wear anything heavier than a tinted moisturizer anyway. Therefore, healthy skin is a must for me!

I have combination-dry skin which shows some sensitivity to skincare that has too much in it, so I try to keep things simple. My main problems are an uneven skintone and dark circles under my eyes. I suppose I should start thinking seriously about anti-aging, since I'm to turn twenty-four in a week...additionally, I also double-cleanse.

My makeup/sunscreen removal products:
The Body Shop Chamomile Gentle Eye Make-up Remover
DARPHIN Paris Cleansing Aromatic Emulsion

If I'm wearing any eye makeup, I douse a cotton ball with the eye make-up remover and hold over my eye for a few seconds before I wipe things off. This works super well even against waterproof mascaras and I love how gentle it is -- I've gotten it on my waterline before and it doesn't even sting! Feels like water, if water were extremely effective against L'Oreal Voluminous Waterproof Carbon Black, haha. For the rest of the face I use the Cleansing Aromatic Emulsion which takes off some of the makeup. If I'm wearing foundation, I don't feel this works very well...

My facial cleansing products:
Pond's White Beauty Lightening Facial Foam
Olay Total Effects Revitalizing Foaming Cleanser
Olay Pro-X Cleansing Tool

Depending on how I feel, I reach for either cleanser, apply it on damp skin, and turn the Pro-X on its gentler setting -- it has two. The rotations work the cleansers into my skin and I use it for only a minute before I rinse everything off. Usually that gives me nice and glowy and thoroughly-cleansed skin, but if I have particularly dry skin, I use a cleanser with exfoliants in it instead -- please not this is not an every day thing, I can't handle it...

My exfoliation products:
DARPHIN Paris Exfoliating Foam Gel
St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub

And then, after a good rinse and a pat dry --

My toner: Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel

Non-drying, removes any residue (if any is even left), and feels refreshing!

My specialty products:
DARPHIN Paris Soothing Mask Eye Contour
DARPHIN Paris Dark Circles Relief and De-puffing Eye Serum

Because of bad habits and genetics, I have dark circles under my eyes. I use the Soothing Mask first and leave it on for 5-10 minutes as directed, then wipe off any excess product and follow up with the serum. It feels really good and helps with puffiness, and has helped the darkness some. It's not making miracles, but I like it enough. Not enough for a repurchase, though; I definitely want to try out another eye cream after I finish these two.

My night cream:
OLAY night of olay firming cream

Scoop out small amount with cotton swab onto fingertips, rub between fingertips to warm up the cream, apply to face and neck. This cream is inexpensive, has a delicate scent, and doesn't break me out. Does it actually firm? Well, I haven't noticed anything sagging so I can't really make a comment on that. But I like this cream!

When I wake up, I use a small amount of any cleanser to wash my face and then apply my daytime skincare.

My daytime skincare products:
Banana Boat sunblock
Olay Complete For Sensitive Skin

That's it for the day, really. I don't fuss much in the mornings. I only really take my time at night.

My extra skincare products:
The Body Shop facial massage tool
Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

If I'm feeling extra nice to myself, I'll put on a mud mask or massage my face. If. I'm a little on the lazy side for that...if it weren't for the Pro-X, I would rarely exfoliate, either.

Is all of this worth it?

Worst. Lighting. Ever. Cameraflash = eternal enemy.

But I'm not unhappy. ♥


  1. Kon, you don't need foundation because your skin looks really good :)

    And I really like St. Ive's scrub. It used to be the only scrub I used back in college.

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