Monday, July 18

picture update in mid-July

Me and the good ol' boy, Spencer.
(Doberman Pinscher and German Shepherd mix)

Spencer was adopted by my family in the year 2000, the same year we moved into our current house. He was a hyperactive, overly loving pup back then -- nowadays he's mellowed out to a sweetheart who does things at his own pace. He loves my kid brother and mum, but he's pretty nice around me too. (Don't think it's because he and I don't get along! I love animals, I just happen to be so socially awkward that even my dogs kind of get embarrassed to be around me, haha.) He doesn't often get in the house, but we got him in on the fourth of July and he was watching the telly with my mum. I snapped this photo as quickly as I could but he turned away at the first flicker of flash. ♥ He's actually incredibly handsome; I'll post another picture of him showing his face in the next blog.

My new ring; I absolutely love it! ♥ It's from Kohl's, haha.

Since the summer here is pretty hot, I really haven't been wearing much makeup at all. I only sometimes wear foundation for the rest of the time, but with this season I've really just been sticking to tinted moisturizers. Wet 'n Wild's Ultimate Sheer Tinted Moisturizer is basically my base makeup best friend nowadays...I feel pretty good when I've got it on. :)

Man, talk about spotty blogging. Self, let's try and come up with something useful for next time, yeah?

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