Sunday, June 19

photos at LACMA

Just a few photos I took on Thursday, 16 June 2011, during my trip with friends to LACMA. The Tim Burton exhibit didn't allow photography, but I went camera crazy in other exhibits, lol. Of course I can't post all the photos...because I took over a hundred of them. But here are some of me and my friends being weird!

Balloon Boy was just standing around near the ticket booth to let all the LACMA visitors know about the Burton exhibit. He was really hard to miss but a little difficult to photograph since so many people kept walking around him!

The entrance to the Tim Burton exhibit. Tickets are $20.

Little area outside the Ahmanson Building that was very fun and weird.
I can't explain was an area where lots of plastic noodles hung. Yeah.

I also visited the Korean art exhibit and saw this!

Fooling around in the Contemporary Art Building.

The weekend has become my resting time from the eventful few days before it, but I have a Sunday appointment with Maya. Let's ramp it up to thirty minutes for this workout!

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