Sunday, June 5

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So that's how I've been looking like recently; I'm trying to grow my hair out again so I haven't done much to it at all. My bangs, being beastly, have once again grown at a crazy pace while the rest of my hair remains slow as molasses. But at least I can tie most of this back in a small ponytail if I get bothered by it! :)

The time between this blog and the last has been mostly uneventful, but summer holidays are coming up soon so I'm excited. These past few days have had a little more action happening, so I thought I'd just slowly start to come back to blogging and start with an update on my current state of health.

My mum's got a cold/cough and I think my little brother might be catching it too. Strangely enough, I'm still safe even though I'm pretty well-known for having the weakest immune system in the family! Lucky me~I guess it's because I've been pretty regular about taking my vitamins/supplements so my body's a little stronger than before. :) This past week has been my (feminine) hell week so my skin isn't in the greatest shape but breakouts have been pretty small.

I've broken my no-buy. Sales have been pretty good and CVS is having their huge clearance sale on beauty items so I couldn't help myself. On the plus side, I've recently downsized my collection a little, giving away a couple of eye shadow palettes to my best friend who is getting as interested in makeup as I am. She's an artist so she's a huge fan of color and she has some really nice stuff, so I thought she could get more use out of my barely-touched Wet 'n Wild six-pan palettes. They deserve much better than me; besides, I have the 100-shadow and 32-shadow E.L.F. palettes I received from ARES for Christmas. At least I haven't bought new eye shadows -- lately I've been on a huge blusher/mascara kick.

I also went to see "Kung-fu Panda 2" on Friday and I thoroughly recommend it. It's a really good movie with legitimate substance and a strong plot despite being a sequel! Everyone's voice acting was so good, especially Gary Oldman's, and I'm not just saying this because I consider myself a fan of the guy. He made Lord Shen hilarious without taking away from his villainy, and made him a character with whom people could sympathize without making him seem weak. Very awesome. And I can't forget Po the baby panda. Just watch it for the cute baby panda. You will not be disappointed.

After "Kung-fu Panda 2" my friend T and I went to eat udon. Haha, we couldn't help it, not after Mr. Ping constantly talking about noodles in the movie!

We couldn't find a good Chinese noodle restaurant around so late at night, so we settled for Japanese udon instead. I had the tanuki udon while my friend T ate the tamagotoji udon. It was really good. I plan on going back to that udon house just so I can get its business card and write a better food review on it, because I really liked it! The service was great, the atmosphere was lovely, and the food was yummy.

June 4th was T's birthday so I spent the day with her too. This was part of our adventure:

It was a very good day and I think the birthday girl enjoyed herself. :)

And even though this isn't a beauty blog in the usual sense...

The CVS Beauty Clearance sale isn't as amazing this time around, but there's proof of my blusher/mascara addiction.

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