Wednesday, June 15

at the park

Today, I enjoyed a long day at the park and at a botanical garden with a few friends. It's where I encountered the lovely sunflower in the above photo and realized the awkward truth that my face is actually the darkest part of my body, being the only thing that's been regularly seeing sunlight for the past several months now. I'm not sure whether I should start wearing hats or applying fake tanner. Maybe the hats would be a better idea.

Here are just a handful of photos I chose from my 100+ photo batch; I went a little wild with the digital camera, lol. The park was really beautiful today. :)

Today involved a fair bit of walking, but it's probably nothing compared to our trip to LACMA tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it; my camera's battery is all charged! It seems sunblock is an absolute must for my face, so I think I'll pack my spray sunblock with me for quick reapplications! As strange as it sounds, I'll try to lighten my face to match the rest of me this summer. :)

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