Saturday, May 7

blog; DARPIN Paris Emulsion Aromatique

DARPHIN Paris is a French skincare line that likes to use plant extracts and aromatherapy in conjunction with their skincare, a practice they call the "Darphin Pleasure Principle." To me, this basically means that all of their products probably smell really good, come in sleek packaging that looks pretty and makes anyone using their products feel really good about using them, and their ingredients will sound like a vegetarian recipe. And you know what, that's fine by me.

I also like the fact that they are French, because French skincare seems to be a ~big deal~ nowadays, and you know, I feel trendy.

Darphin's Cleansing Aromatic Emulsion is an old product that seems to have been discontinued (as I don't see it on their website now) and is a makeup remover cleanser that fits "all skin types." Like all products from the skincare brand, a bottle of this is probably tres expensive; I wouldn't know since I got this as a birthday present. I'm assuming it's around $40USD and up, since that seems to be the lowest price a product can be sold, from what I see on the Darphin Paris website.

The ingredients list is in French. Tres chic.

Directions: Apply on wet skin, massage lightly with your fingertips. Rinse well with lukewarm water.

● my French is a little rusty/nonexistent, but from what I gather, the ingredients are all-/mostly natural
● the smell is divine; very clean and fresh and soft, not the slightest bit overpowering
● comes in a squeeze tube so it's easy dispensing
● feels really good and light on the skin
● rinses off cleanly, without leaving a filmy feeling on the skin

● hella expensive
● I didn't feel like it removed all of my foundation (Revlon ColorStay)
● mostly to completely useless against waterproof mascaras

● I don't know if it's just this single tube of cleanser, but it leaks into the cap. Whenever I unscrew the cap to dispense some cleanser, I always find that a lot of it has gobbed up onto the cap, and no matter how much I wash it out and screw the cap on firmly but not too tightly, it still leaks anyway. I do not get it. It wastes so much product!

 The cleanser. It's very light in texture and scent.
It becomes a milky, smooth texture on the face when applied.

Would I repurchase? No. As nice as it smells, it's just too expensive for a product that doesn't remove all my makeup. It's a lovely experience, though, when acquired for free.

I still have a bunch of other Darphin products to test and finish, but I actually really like this brand -- their eye creams and serums are fantastic. I also really love their day cream with SPF15, so expect some reviews on those sometime soon. :)

Current Desire: MAC Surf Baby Cheek Power in My Paradise, as reviewed by Karen from MBB [ here ].


  1. the moisturizer is like a baby bath when you apply it. It's like being soaked with soft milk that gently soothes your skin as you start to rub it. Gold Eye Serum has also the same attributes and same moisture since I have tried both of it.

  2. it's like applying a lotion since it's so soft and tender and also cool to the skin.