Saturday, April 30

blog; Square Enix

is pretty famous for the Final Fantasy series, a collection of role-playing games that some people use as the standard to which all other RPGs are compared. Personally, I'm a fan of Final Fantasy, but I wouldn't say they're the standard, since there are lots of other RPGs that are just as good -- and sometimes better. I'd have to say that one of my most cherished RPGs is actually Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete (for the PlayStation and not the original version made for Sega) from the Lunar series created by Game Arts. It's part of a videogame series that also ended up getting its own manga series. Fanatics may consider the FF series as the be-all, end-all of popular RPGs, but they're not the only games of their kind out there.

I was visiting a friend a couple of weeks ago and I looked through his vast videogame collection since I wanted to see if he had some games he could lend me. (His collection is so huge, I could take a few games and he won't miss them; as it is, he's more obsessed with Portal 2 nowadays.) I picked out two RPGs by Square Enix, but they're not from the FF franchise.

Square Enix is more than Final Fantasy.

They also made Mario RPG for the Super Nintendo, and if anyone else here played that game, they'll know how effing brilliant that game is. (I would still play it!!)

Square Enix's The Last Remnant and Infinite Undiscoveries.

Both the games are a few years old at least, and not exalted by critics and reviewers, but we'll see. I don't know which I should play first...maybe Last Remnant since the battle system for Infinite Undiscoveries seems to be a little too badass for me -- it's not turn-based and apparently I can be attacked even while accessing the menu in the midst of battle. Maybe Remnant will be the warmup.

Even if they're not totally enjoyable, I'm sure I'll be impressed by the stories. I love RPGs that have good stories, even if the gameplay is subpar/mediocre. We'll see!

Today's makeup was really simple. Because of the heat, heavy makeup just feels like it'd be a disaster waiting to happen. (I haven't used eye shadows in a looooong time. At this rate, I'll never finish my no-buy, lol.)


  1. Maybe I should start a gaming blog? Lol my fave rpg hands down, Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time. Imma kill the end for you since its for the ps2, and about 8 years old. In the story, their people are getting attacked by unknown entities while warring within their own universe. This enemy? Real life! Apparently they just exist in an alternate universe, a "second life" kind of thing but given free will for the AI TO ACT ON THEIR OWN! So apparently they got too smart, and found a way to transverse their universe into real life, therefore emerging from the game! So the creators deemed they were a danger to their society, and tried to close the portal, sent in viruses to infect the game universe, and succeeded. Nice eh?

  2. @Diego: Dude, consider my mind blown. That is a hell of a plot twist, holy...