Wednesday, April 27

blog; Secret's out.

I will sometimes judge YouTube makeup gurus if they misspell things on their tutorials. It might be because I'm an English major at heart, but I really can't help myself. This isn't to say I hate people who misspell a word or two in every few tutorials, but really, when I see constant spelling/grammar mistakes on otherwise nicely-edited videos, I really do judge.

Yeah, I'm just a little bit mean. Everyone has pet peeves, and this would be one of mine. If I'm gonna be putting makeup on how I'm told by a girl in my age range, I half-expect her to be eloquent about it.

(Of course, foreign YT gurus such as the incredible Jung Saem Mool and ManWomanFilm are exempt, considering neither of them have English in their language repertoire -- at least to my knowledge, and Asahi's already admitted she's not very good at it.)

And I'm not very keen about people who do makeup in vary unsanitary ways, too!

This was a complaint and a half, wasn't it...?

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