Thursday, April 28

blog; Rite-Aid hair care sale

Aussie and Renpure hair care products are both on sale at Rite-Aid this week! Aussie hair care products are 2 for $6USD while Renpure hair care products are Buy One, Get One Free. \o/ I rejoiced when I found out, because both Aussie and Renpure carry deep conditioners, which are so relevant to my interests now that I have short hair I'm trying to grow out -- I want to ensure health and strength, which is difficult when I (occasionally) use heat styling and live in Los Angeles (an area quite famous for its pollution, last I heard on the news).

I really lucked out on the Aussie sale, especially since I follow Nouveau Cheap and had a coupon from the [ P&G brandSAVER coupon booklet ] she wrote about in that post. The coupon was good for $1USD off two Herbal Essences or Aussie hair care products, so combined with the Rite-Aid sale, I paid about $5USD for two bottles of Aussie 3 minute miracle deep conditioner; one bottle usually retails for $4.49USD in my Rite-Aid, so it was the same as a BOGO FREE.

Renpure's deep conditioner retails for $6.99USD per tube, so a BOGO FREE is really useful. But considering I haven't even opened the tube I bought before (it was on the clearance table at a CVS a month or so ago so I snatched it was like, $2!), I think that might be a little too overzealous. However, if Renpure is as good to me as Aussie -- 3 minute miracle makes my hair feel so silky! -- then I might default to it instead, considering it doesn't test on animals, and Aussie, being associated with P&G and Herbal Essences, does.

...sometimes I feel like I'm a slave to sales. Right then, no buying the Renpure until I've tried it out! I'm sure it'll go on sale again eventually...

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