Friday, April 1

blog; Recent hauls.

My hair's been growing very quickly. :) this usually happens when temperatures go up. Maybe it's due to my having been born and raised in the tropics?

Last weekend was one of the few weekends I go out. Usually I'm a real shut-in -- not a hikikomori, just introverted and lazy -- so when I went out with friends last weekend, I made it count. We watched "SuckerPunch" (great graphics, beautiful girls, amazing fights...and mediocre plot), had Korean jjigae (which is a delicious, flavorful stew), and stumbled upon a Borders that was going out of business.

I didn't hesitate. I got three novels and a five-books-in-one series by one of my favorite sci-fi/fantasy authors, and each book was at least 50% off, so instead of forking over $60+USD, I paid about $34USD for the lot. And the collection/anthology was a collector's edition oh my god! Best damn haul of 2011, let me tell you. I have half a mind to travel around for other Borders stores that are closing and just clean them out. (They were even selling furniture; I could've used a bookcase except I don't have much room in here!) I'll show the books in a later post, once I've read them all. :)

This really doesn't count as a haul, but still! Nouveau Cheap blogged about this offer from Target (see here), and as soon as I read about it, I signed up! I got mine in the mail just today, which I think is later than most others', but I got it! I love the Sonia Kashuk bag, and I'm a lip balm addict so I'm eager to try out the Neutrogena Naturals balm -- after I finish my Nivea one, anyway -- but I think the best thing in that bag was, of course, the book of bargains.

Simply perfect. I probably won't use all the coupons and give some to friends who would actually buy the products.

I also "hauled" a bit from my nearby Big Lots! and CVS (and 99-Cents Store, except I forgot to snap a photo of what I was a bottle of Vitamin E oil that I plan to use as my facial moisturizer once I finish my current moisturizer) -- the spray-on sunblock was from Big Lots! while the other two items are from CVS. The mud masks -- masques? -- retail for $1.99USD each, but it was 2-for-$3 at the time (Thursday, March 31) so I went ahead and bought two. It's chocolate, you can't blame me! I bought the nail buffer after a glowing review from -- you guessed it! -- Nouveau Cheap (see here); there was a tester near the stand selling the buffers and I saw firsthand that it really works!

...did you catch that accidental pun? Heh, thought so.

The nail buffer had a manufacturer's coupon stuck to the front, so I got a dollar off the original retail price ($3.99USD).

All in all, I'm pretty happy that not a single impulse haul included makeup in any way, shape or form. I'm still sticking to the no-buy!


  1. Man, I'm still waiting on my Beauty Bag :(. The stuff you got are really cool!

  2. @Becky: Seriously? :( I guess we're the late ones. You'll probably get it tomorrow or Monday! ♥

  3. I haven't gotten my beauty bag, yet. :\

  4. @Karen: It'll probably arrive within the coming week! I honestly thought I didn't make it in time to get one, so I'm sure yours is on the way. ♥