Wednesday, April 6

blog; Pixi Spring Sale 2011

A little under a year ago -- May 20th, 2010 -- I posted up a blog called Good day today. which can be found [ here ]; it was about Pixi's annual warehouse sale in which they sold a bunch of Pixi & POP Beauty cosmetics for about 90% off the original price. Everything they sold at the time was between $2 to $5USD -- and most of their cosmetics sell for about $12USD and up! It's a very good sale, and just like last year, I found out about this sale a little late, but I still want to blog about it in case anyone reading this blog has a free day tomorrow.

Pixi is holding their Spring Warehouse Sale tomorrow, April 7th, and I'm planning to go as soon as I finish the midterm I'm taking planned that morning. The sale is only from 8am-2pm, which is a bummer, but it also means that not a lot of people will be there since it's a Thursday and, you know, most people would be busy. All the necessary information is on the flyer, and payment is cash only. I plan to withdraw some money at an ATM before I attack this thing, because the last time I went, I wasn't ready.

Just a note: there isn't a single mention of which products they're selling, so everything's a surprise. If you want to see an example of some of the things they sell, just check out last year's blog!

Yes, I'll be breaking my no-buy for this day only. I don't plan to break the bank, but a deal like this is...once every year, basically. Instead of my friend K, I'll be going with ARES, who writes the Salon ARES blog. :) I'm looking forward to it, even if I have to get through a class on my way there, lol!

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