Friday, April 15

blog; Pixi, POP, and a Pro X review

It was precisely a week ago that Pixi/POP were having a "Spring Warehouse Sale" in which they were selling a bunch of their products at 90% the retail price. I went with ARES -- beauty blogger, real-life glamour girl, eternally stylish from head-to-toe, awesome friend and hairstylist -- and we basically had a fun day out, breaking our no-buys (this was a good reason, I swear!) and hanging out. I love spending time with my cutest family. ARES blogged about the day trip [ here ], so I won't go too into it.

I will, however, say that the pho we ate? So. Good. And my godson is like the most adorable creature in the universe. He may actually be cuter than bunnies. Or even turtles. I don't know. I think he is. He was so cute I gave up some shrimp for him. I don't give up food for just anyone!

Anyway, here's what I hauled on that day, not just from the warehouse sale, but also from H&M and Target:

The black and white belts are from H&M and were on sale (clearance?) for $3USD per belt, so I grabbed two -- black and white are the essentials and can go with just about anything I decide to wear with them, right? I'm not very fashion-forward, so I played it safe with that one. The ELF lip gloss and the NYC mascara were from Target. I've already tried the Sky Rise Lengthening Mascara, so I guess I might write up a review eventually...but I say that about a lot of things and I rarely do them. (I should actually start doing that, shouldn't I...?) All the rest are from the Pixi/POP Warehouse Sale. I got two coloured gel/cream eyeliners, a blusher palette called Rose Belle, a bright eye shadow palette, and a Magnetic Mosaic palette which has both eye shadows and bronzers/blushers. I couldn't resist that one. I haven't opened any of them yet since...I don't have room in my "currently using" makeup box for any of them, so they'll be put away until I can make a dent in that.

...that'll take a while.

Speaking of things that take a while, it's been about two months since I've been using the Olay Pro X Cleansing System! (Read my original post about it [ here ]!) Everyone keeps talking about how it's the inexpensive version of the Clarisonic, but as I've never used that, I can't make any comparisons. I can, however, write on behalf of the Pro X, which I've used regularly since I first bought it, with a couple of cleansers -- a brightening/lightening cream cleanser from Pond's (Asia-specific) and the Olay Total Effects Revitalizing Foaming Cleanser which came free with purchase.

The Olay Pro X Cleansing System is a cleansing brush that promises to clean up to "six times better than basic cleansing" and can go up to 350RPM (rotations per minute), which I am assuming helps with the cleansing. In addition to cleansing, it also exfoliates, but the softness of the brush makes it so that constant use of the tool doesn't aggravate my skin. That isn't to say it won't aggravate more sensitive users, but I don't feel any irritation unless I try to push the bristles right into my face.

The tool has two speeds -- normal and high. I'm sticking with normal, but on days I've been wearing base I kick the speed up a notch. The brush really works whatever cleanser I'm using into my skin without splattering it all over the place, and the rotations provide a kind of facial massage as I run the brush over my skin. For the 60 seconds I use the thing, it feels pretty darn good. The soft, pliable brush bristles also make it easy to clean along the sides of my nose, and I've accidentally gone over an eyelid once or twice without a problem or a single yelp.

When I finish and rinse off, my skin feels smooth, but not tight, or irritated. I tone and then apply eye serum and moisturizer -- the Pro X boasts that it "primes the skin for hydration" and my skin really does take to my moisturizer a lot better than it used to. Frankly, my skin just feels really good ever since I've started using the Pro X; the texture of my skin has improved and it feels healthier. I haven't gotten any compliments on my face, but I've always been blessed with decent skin since even before I started using the Pro X, so it's not like I experienced any huge changes.

The Pro X retails for about $30USD, and the brush heads -- which are recommended to be replaced every three months -- retail for about $10USD per replacement.

Would I recommend this? As a luxury -- yes, absolutely. It's basically a daily facial. (I don't recommend using it more than once at the risk of irritation.) As a necessity -- not really, as it hasn't done anything incredibly miraculous for me.

Getting up close and personal.

Yeah, sorry for the sudden "BAM! In your face!" action right there; that's basically how my skin looks now, with a bit of tinted moisturizer and pink blusher on. That's how I look while I'm experiencing my hell week, what with hormones flailing about trying to cause as much trouble as they can. Not bad, eh? Usually I've got a breakout or something going on, but not right now. I really like how the Pro X keeps my skin happy and cleansed. :)

Well, that was a novella and a half. I think I'll end it here with a final note:

My hair has decided to commit mutiny by flipping out its ends in weird directions while it's growing out. [ This ] was my hair just two months ago; fresh cut by ARES. I'm gonna have to go back in this Saturday to figure out what the heck to do with it. ARES might as well have me scheduled every other month for an appointment, because my hair is pretty much unstoppable. Right now, it looks fabulous when pulled back into a tiny ponytail, as I'm too much of a lazy bum to break out the flat iron. (I'm on spring holiday, I'm allowed to be a sloth.)

(This blog took way too long to write; this is what I get for holding off on blogging for days. The whole time, I was chomping on chips. Mmm, salt. I'm gonna have fun walking this off tomorrow. Ten thousand steps, chyeaaaah!)

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