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blog; Operation Raccoon City

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My excitement cannot be measured in mere words. It just can't. I've been stoked about this game ever since my friend informed me about it -- he follows the gaming scene much more closely than I, but loves to keep me updated -- and although it sounds like a run-and-gun game (similar to Halo, Call of Duty, CRYSIS and the like), I think I really want to try it.

Resident Evil is the stuff of my childhood. I jumped on the fan-wagon when RE:2 came out, making Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy my zombie-killing heroes of all time (compared to everyone else who knew a good thing when they saw it and played the first Resident Evil with Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield). RE:2 is my favourite game; this might have something to do with the fact it's the first RE game I've actually finished on my own. It's not the most terrifying game -- although that first meeting with the licker was all kinds of "holy shit oh my god what is that please go away OH GOD I HAVE TO KILL IT" -- but I loved it, and it made me feel like a badass whenever I shot something undead and creepy in the face. Resident Evil: Nemesis introduced me to Jill Valentine, but she never appealed to me as Claire did; I don't know, Jill is a seasoned veteran thief who can kick ass with the best of them, but Claire was a college student who took down a city full of monsters and had no idea what was even going on. Badass? Very.

It must be because she's a Redfield. That entire family has "hardcore amazing" running in their blood, I swear.

Because I'm so obsessed with RE:2, hearing about this game just makes me all kinds of giddy. RE:4 and RE:5 were really great, but the reason I never really got into them was because they skipped a shitton of years and Leon was suddenly this GQ secret agent working for the President and Umbrella was suddenly dead. I was like, "What?" when I found out.

I don't do well with time jumps.

So when it was apparently announced that RE: Operation Raccoon City was not only returning to the original scene of the crime (since it occurs between RE:2 and RE: Nemesis), but possibly also explaining the happenings between RE: Code Veronica and RE:4, just makes me want it even more. I don't care if I don't do well with run-and-gun games. I will train for this game. I don't care. I need this in my gaming life. :(

RE: Operation Raccoon City is a multiplayer shooter-slash-survival-horror game in which the players seem to take on the roles of a four-member team from the UBCS: Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Squad. I'm playing for the bad guys in this one, and I don't care, because Raccoon City is my town, with its hordes of undead, the screaming Alphas, and the creepy Tyrant-grade hulks curbstomping all the lesser monsters that gets in their way. And there's apparently an assassination mission, in which the players all work together to take out a single threat:

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Leon Kennedy was probably my first-ever videogame crush. I mean, Vincent Valentine was great but he was really depressing, okay? It wasn't going to work out. Leon is a badass. I'll probably fail just because I can't shoot this GQ-status defender of justice, but at least my character will breathe his air.

...okay, turning the creeper off.

But cripes, look at those graphics. I'm so excited, I can't wait for winter 2011. And I don't even like winter.

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