Monday, April 11

blog; I don't agree with you,

but that doesn't mean you have to tell me to go die in a fire.

No, seriously, I don't get what is up with people on the internet nowadays. One would think that, considering the vastness of the world wide web, it would be a common understanding that not everyone will agree on something -- or even anything. Apparently, a lot of people think differently. Apparently, a lot of people think that if I don't agree with them on something, it gives them the right to tell me to go kill myself, hope that I die in some horrific accident, or just make fun of me in terrible, confidence-killing ways.

I'm assuming this has something to do with the anonymity the internet presents. I can't exactly call these people out on their bullshit if I don't know who they are, and this kind of thing gives a lot of people courage -- and by "courage" I mean "the idea that being a hateful person is something good." All I have to go by is a username or an internet alias, and let's face it; that's no good.

So people become internet badasses. It's like some magical switch: once they go on the internet and take on that fake name, anything goes, no-holds-barred. I see this a lot in (surprise!) fandom forums or communities in which someone doesn't like a band/group/person and everyone confronts them like some sort of creepy hive mind, taking them apart. Even worse? YouTube. Ever watched a YouTube tutorial and left a comment saying, "Mm, I don't like this much," only to check your YT inbox two minutes later and get a shitton of some other people telling you that you have no taste, you're clearly just a hater, and that you need to go and fucking kill yourself? Because I know people who have.

People need to calm down. Seriously. I'm not going to like everything you're going to like, so ease up off the CAPSLOCK ANGER and learn to discuss things in a calm and collected manner. I'm not writing this for me. I'm writing this for you, because every time you tell someone off for disagreeing with you, you look like an intolerable idiot and nobody will ever like you.

And can we please, please lay off the death comments? How did that become so common nowadays? Do people think they get internet street cred for that kind of bullshit? That's called cyberbullying, and that can actually kill people. I won't even go into how many times I've watched the news only to find out some poor person has decided to quit on life because some group of assholes on the internet thought it'd be great fun to tell them they're a waste of space and the person actually believed them. Who gets enjoyment out of that, seriously? Do people think that just because it's the internet -- and that it shouldn't be serious business -- it means they can just say what-all's on their minds? No. No. Telling people to go die or telling them to kill themselves isn't funny, or cool, or remotely anything in that arena. Telling them they don't deserve to live is cruel, hateful, intolerable, and pretty much just disgusting. I see this happen in a lot of websites and I'm disgusted each time. That shit is ridiculous; nobody's laughing, nobody's cheering, and it's not all fun and games because there's a chance someone will actually get hurt. Then everyone will try to wipe their hands clean of responsibility by saying, "I didn't think they'd actually do it..."

Fuck that excuse. Be responsible for your words, whether it's person-to-person or through the screen. Learn to deal with people who disagree with you without resorting to cyberbullying or being an e-jerk. Logging onto the internet doesn't give people permission to leave courtesy and common sense behind. People will give their opinions, and nobody deserves to be told to die for putting their thoughts out there. Arguments are cathartic; debates are cool. Being told that, "You're just a fucking hater, you virgin bitch, I bet you can't even find a boyfriend, go kill yourself"? Comments like that make me wonder just how pathetic the commenter is in their offline life that they have to say such hateful things to make themselves feel better.

I pity people like that.

And no, I refuse to "go die in a fire." You don't get to tell me how to die, I don't even know you.


  1. What the fuck! those people are just angry because their OWN REAL LIFE SUCK ASS and they take it out on the internet.

  2. @ARES: People can get so crazy on the internet, it's scary to me.

  3. it's because they lack the physical entity of a spine in real life.

    Nice writing hani.