Wednesday, March 2

photos; From Vietnam.

Okay, so these photos aren't actually from Vietnam. I'll explain as we go along...?

I'm Filipino, so most of the time, I'm eating rice and ulam, like kare-kare or maybe sinigang. My family doesn't really enjoy eating out, since we're all pretty much boring people who like to stay at home, watch movies (and Jeopardy!) and read, so I don't really get to eat much other cuisines. Every once in a while, though, my mum gets a craving for Vietnamese phở and visits the Vietnamese restaurant within walking distance of our house and buys some for everyone. She went out on a trip with a girl friend on Monday and was thoughtful enough to buy me something for dinner. Not that I can't fend for myself in the kitchen, but I have no idea how to make phở or bánh xèo (which is that pancake/omelet-looking thing). Vietnamese food always reminds me of my best friend, who is currently working as an English-language teacher in Japan.

Speaking of my best friend, I finally received the present she sent me for Christmas! It's so cute!

Basically it's a mouse that looks like a penguin from a brand called Panda. I love that it glows.

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