Friday, February 18

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I'm sick! And nothing ruins a weekend quite like being sick.

I guess I should've seen it coming. I'm notoriously weak to cold weather; add cold weather, winds, and a good rain and it's a recipe for disaster. I've also got the immune system of a child, and last night's sniffles turned into this morning's headache, stuffy -- and painful -- sinuses, and a tickle in the back of the throat. I'm downing Vitamin C capsules like they're candy and I'm on a half-dose of NyQuil just so I can sleep comfortably. I also spent the majority of the day out like a light. My appetite's all but gone (this is terrible news, I tell you) and my Friday night date is basically my box of Kleenex. Yay me.

But nobody cares about that because the subject title of this blog is referring to my first use of the Olay Pro X Cleansing System! (See my first post about it here.)

I tried it the same night that I bought it, but not with the exfoliating cleanser sample that came with it. Thanks to the initial bout of sniffles I suffered just last night (and owing to my not having found the Kleenex until much later) my nose was a little bit rubbed raw, and I thought it was a good idea to avoid irritating it even further. I opened the box, which came with the sample cleanser, the cleansing tool, a brush head, and two double-A batteries. (Unlike the rechargeable Clarisonic, this runs on batteries that must be replaced occasionally.) I'll skip the flowery explanation of how I cleansed my face and just list important points -- pros and cons.

● water-resistant which makes it good for the shower
● very soft brush head that doesn't aggravate any current breakouts
● requires very little pressure on the owner's part to deep cleanse
● leaves skin feeling soft, clean and smooth without a "rubbed raw" feeling
● small enough to get around the nose area
● foams up a variety of cleansers really well without splattering foam everywhere
● massages the skin thanks to 350rpm (rotations per minute)
● is only a $30USD investment
● has two different speeds for comfort

● installing/replacing batteries is going to be a serious trial
● not rechargeable, runs on batteries
● bad for your hair (there's a warning not to put the tool close to the hairline)

● It's a little surprising to use at first. I wouldn't say it's unwieldy, but it takes a little bit of getting used to, since the tool is pretty powerful and can glide across your skin on its own.

After cleansing, I rinsed off my face and the tool and my face felt good. Very clean, but not squeaky, and the texture hadn't really undergone any dramatic changes. I dabbed some eye serum on, then my PM moisturizer, and called it a night. The next morning, I woke up and my skin felt just as good as it did as when I cleansed last night. The Pro X's claims to "prime the skin for hydration" must've helped my moisturizer sink in more effectively than usual. :)

I don't see any huge, obvious changes to my skin's texture and tone quite yet, but it was only the first time so I wasn't expecting anything drastic. So far, no complaints, but nothing's wowed me quite yet. Still, it felt really good to use, so I'll continue using it unless it irritates my semi-sensitive skin.

(No photos since I'm sick and nobody really needs to see that, and seriously, no big changes anyway.)

Would I recommend it? Not yet.

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