Thursday, February 17

blog; Olay Pro X Cleansing System

Just from the subject title, I think we're all clear as to what you can expect from this blog. :)

Thank you very much, Walgreens!

I've looked in Target, I've checked two CVS Pharmacies near my house, and in the end, it was Walgreens that had the Olay Pro X Cleansing System -- Olay's answer to Clarisonic -- in stock for $29.99USD. They even have a month-long deal in which you can pick out a free Olay cleanser of your choice if you buy the Pro X cleansing system. I was considering the full-sized version of the new Pro X exfoliating cleanser, but I decided that since I was already getting a sample size in the box, I might try a different Olay cleanser and see how things go. My choice?

Olay Total Effects Revitalizing Foaming Cleanser.

It's part of the 7-in1 anti-aging line -- there was a choice between the Foaming Cleanser and the Citrus Scrub, but the tool already exfoliates, the sample cleanser tucked in the box with it also exfoliates, and I have two different kinds of exfoliants at home (my kid brother and I swear by St. Ives' Apricot Scrub, and I have sensitive skin so I use DARPHIN's Gel Exfoliant given to me as a birthday present by my dad). That's...a lot of exfoliating going on, so I thought I'd get a foam cleanser instead. Besides, it was free!

The Olay Total Effects Revitalizing Foaming Cleanser is "7 anti-aging cleansing benefits in 1 daily cleanser" and is to be used "for clean, visibly younger looking skin." Just for the sake of information, I'm twenty-three years old, and depending on a few variables -- makeup worn, current mood, hairstyle, outfit -- I'm either pegged as my age range or a bit younger. I have normal skin that is currently on the dry side thanks to the season, and is just a bit sensitive, which means that if something has fragrance in it, I run the risk of some serious irritation. I don't actually need anti-aging cleansers such as this, but Olay hasn't really failed me yet and everyone wants to have/keep youthful looking skin, right? ...and I mostly grabbed it because it was free and was the only part of the sale that wasn't an exfoliant. :) This cleanser boasts the following anti-aging benefits:

● Thorough Cleansing
● Pore Appearance Reduction
● Line Appearance Minimization
● Radiance Enhancement
● Gentle Purification
● Natural Moisture Balance
● Maintains Softness

...which all sounds like "healthy skin" to me, not just "youthful skin."

I'm planning to use this Pro X tool as soon as possible, which means I'm giving it a test drive tonight and see how my skin looks the very next day. I don't have many issues with my skin; a bit of uneven skin tone, the usual dark circles, the occasional (or should I say monthly?) hormonal breakout is what I've got but I'm not unhappy, but I'd like to see what visible improvements I'll encounter with this. Here's me right now:

No makeup whatsoever, taken without flash in a dim room.
It was mildly cloudy and around 4pm when this photo was taken.
Photoshop: color-correction, contrast-correction, image sharpening.

No real complaints, really. My cheeks can get ruddy, but that's about it. Otherwise I'm not fussed if I have to leave the house without foundation or concealer or...anything that isn't sunscreen, really. But I'm still excited to see how the Pro X will help my skin. At the very least, it's not like I dropped $200USD on the Clarisonic just to be disappointed.

Olay, don't fail me now!

In random news, we got this in the mail.

A McDonald's flier in Tagalog! Ano ba 'to?!

It's actually a flier for their new oatmeal, plus a handful of coupons, all in Tagalog (with English in the parentheses for when we present the things to the cashier). I thought it was just interesting, since we rarely get Tagalog mail here at the house. And honestly, that oatmeal looks yummy...pero ayoko naman ng raisins, so pwede ba kung mag-order ako ng oatmeal na may cranberries at apples na lang?


  1. Ohhhhh I didn't know Olay came out with their version. I'm so waiting for a review for this one.

    I've tried the oatmeal and it ain't all that great. the oatmeal is good.. its just the choice of fruit. It tast a bit funky.. lol.

    So we might be stopping by in a couple of week to drop off the gift and other stuff =)

  2. @ARES: The reviews over at are like 98% good and 2% bad, so I decided to take a chance with such good odds. :) I'll be blogging updates on this, promise. The big difference between this and the Clarisonic is that the Clarisonic vibrates while the Olay Pro X rotates. Just so you know.

    :( darn, I'm actually a fan of oatmeal. I'll check it out, since it's free...I can never pass up free food.

    Yay, gift! Yay, other stuff? D: why is there other stuff? You didn't go buy me something again, did you?! You know how I feel about that kind of thing...♥

  3. The bf finds the McD's advert cute and entertaining.

    I don't talk to you enough these days, Miss Kon! How are things going?

  4. nice...I want...

    a new follower btw.. :)

  5. @Beth: The flier is totally cute, but apparently the oatmeal is not all that. :( And I'm great, BethBeth! ♥ Sick right now, but, you know, I'm weak to cold... :(

    @Debi: Hello! Filipina ka, di ba? Kagagaling ko lang sa 'pinas! ♥ I don't know if they'll have the Pro X out in the Philippines though, it's still really new here. :o!