Friday, February 11

blog; The evolution of me.

A lion's pride is his mane; a Leo's pride is her hair. Let's count down the hairstyles I've gotten myself since I first met ARES (in a hairstyling sense, of course; we've been friends for years before she got this loony idea that she'd love to do my hair), starting with the wildest:

I went from virgin-blackbrown to yellow-gold in the span of three hours -- not kidding, I almost went platinum by the third hour -- and had this wicked purple-pink-black flame thing for my bangs. ARES did this back when she was still in cosmetology school, for a contest which we totally won. (The theme was "Big Change" it didn't come any bigger than my black, waist-length hair being bleached and chopped off to shoulder-length. We totally deserved first-place. My hair deserved first place!) I spent less than a week as a blond before we had to dye my hair back to black for an upcoming pool party...otherwise I'd have ended up becoming green.

Then I grew it out.

Then ARES chopped it off again for another greater good: that second haircut got her her cosmetology license.

Then I grew it out some more and got bangs for the Philippine trip, and then I came back and got a trim. And then last week, one thing led to another, and next thing I know:

I've got a shagged-out A-line bob going on.

On days I don't style it, it's pretty much the most fashionable form of bedhead I have ever had. ♥

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