Sunday, February 27

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I've been having a fair bit of fun with my debit card lately, and I went and checked on my account...whooo. I think it's time that I impose a no-buy for myself. No unnecessary beauty binges, with the exception of limited editions and that's about it. Maybe I should make it a no-buy Project Pan...I have so much stuff -- and use makeup so rarely -- that I haven't hit pan on anything in months. Sounds like a good idea. I haven't spent that much, considering how much I have now as opposed to the last check, but still, if I keep going, I'm pretty sure I'm going to embarrass myself eventually. At the moment, I have four large eye shadow palettes, too much blusher to be decent, and lipstick...I don't even wear lipstick regularly, why am I buying lipstick...?

I've spent about a week with my Olay Pro X Cleansing System and it does its job. I can't really marvel over any significant changes for my skin since my skin's pretty decent even before the system, but I really like it anyway. The rotating brush feels good on my skin, and it's a really nice massage. My skin looks and feels a bit healthier, but even if I took photos right now there wouldn't be much change shown compared to a photo taken before I started using the Pro X. I will say, though, that the natural ruddiness of my cheeks has diminished. :) I can see my skintone improving, bit by bit. I'll keep going for a solid month and see how that works out for me.

I'm still sick! (Immune system of a baby, this one.) I've gotten over the worst of it but the cold just won't go away. I'm downing bottles of tea like nobody's business -- my kid brother recommends I drink 5 liters of liquids to flush out my system, which translates to ten half-liter bottles of water and tea per day. I've gotten close but no cigar, but not for want of trying, for sure. sigh. I've already killed a box of Kleenex; I hope this cold goes away soon...

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