Sunday, October 10

blog; Bright-eyed.

before & after

There's really not a big difference in the two photos, because my makeup is minimal at best -- can't rock the brights like ARES can so I don't even trip. If there's any difference at all, though, it's how concealer makes me seem so much more awake. I've tried a couple of different concealers for my under-eye area, and none of them have really been all that great. My last liquid concealer was ULTA's, and while it was definitely opaque it was also pretty cakey and settled into lines. The MUFE concealer palette I own? Thicker, and worse. (Great for blemishes and redness, though.) There are so many concealers out there that I was wondering how much I'd go through before I found a good one -- drugstore, anyway, because I'm still not keen on dropping $16.50 USD for MAC concealers, I don't care how great they are. My dark circles are not nearly bad enough to merit $16.50 of cover-up.

(And if you're wondering why I'd have an MUFE concealer palette but not spend money on the MAC, I just want to say: the MUFE was a present.)

Turns out I didn't need to look too long. This look of wakefulness has been brought to you by:

E.L.F. Studio Line concealer in Medium

This is $3 USD, and it is some kind of magic. Feels nice and soothing -- must be the chamomile and green tea -- and removes puffiness! ...that'd be the caffeine. Blends very easily, and the highlighter's not bad either. It's very smooth for a liquid concealer, but dries quickly and doesn't feel tacky as it does. I've been using it for weeks, and I really like it. It's pretty amazing, considering I'm blogging at half-past four and I'm telling you, sometimes my dark circles can get really bad. But it works.

And it's $3 USD. I cannot ask for more. Or is it less?

And now, I should probably try and get that sleep. Thank god it's the weekend, or I'd be dead where I sit.


  1. i love how we're so opposite and yet we get along very well. lol. i love more how you can use minimal makeup and look so flawless.

    i was thinking we should do a photo shoot of me and you. natural beauty vs glamorous colors! kinda like the chobits sisters lol. but thats an idea we can do in the future. i need to lose weight first. lol.

  2. thats a steal, great look!
    come follow xoox

  3. @ ARES: Same with me. You're glamorous and I'm simple but somehow we just click and I love how it happened. And yes to the photoshoot! I'd love to do that, gives me an excuse to buy a Lolita-type dress, lol! Just lemme know whenever you want it to happen. ;)

    @ ICE: Yeah, I was starting to think I'd have to spend more money for a decent concealer. :) Thank you, and I love your blog!

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