Friday, October 29

blog; Spotlights.

I miss the lights.

By "lights" I mean "spotlights," the bright lights that wash a stage in brightness and hues of red and blue and green to achieve the desired mood of the scene currently being acted. By "spotlights" I mean the stage, where in the span of one act, two acts, maybe even three a group of people in costume and stage makeup bring someone else's words to life as best they can. By "the stage" I mean acting, the beautiful and difficult art of it, of months of preparation for an opening night you wish will be the best you've ever had, or all that practice was for nothing.

I miss acting, the beautiful and difficult art of it: I miss seeing open calls and audition flyers and searching for a monologue to perform. I miss sitting around and waiting for my name to be called to show that director everything I've got in the span of a minute, maybe two. I miss lines and cold readings and highlighters in three different colours. I miss the wrinkled pages of my script, the scribbles on the corners and edges of paper for the blocking. I miss the language of theater, upstage, downstage, of being told not to break proscenium no matter what. I miss costume fittings and the props. I miss frustrations and forgetfulness and fighting for that perfect delivery.

I haven't performed onstage in about four years and I miss it all. I miss stepping into roles. I miss it I miss it I miss it.

Sometimes I think about getting back into it again. Then I remember it's Los Angeles -- we're teeming with actors and artists and performers wherever we turn. I wonder wonder wonder (why the world is going under) if I should just take that chance and go. Run with it, work with it...but I've never been really good at improv.

These are the dreams of a dreamer who burned under the spotlights years ago. I still remember the thrill of it. I don't think anyone ever forgets.

There's an open audition happening somewhere around here.

Monday, October 25

photos; Look up!

This is the same sky photographed within the span of about an hour on Saturday, October 23rd. (Note: Every photo except the first and the last were taken behind sunglasses lenses.)

The sun decided to play peek-a-boo that afternoon.

Sunscreen, shades, and eyeliner. Sup.
Have a good week; it's almost Halloween.

I have no idea what to do for a costume, to be honest...

Wednesday, October 20

blog; Philippines 2010

Getting ready for December, spending it in the Philippines.

Excited, me? Hell yes.

Friday, October 15

photos; Collection.

As of today, this is almost everything I own.

I should probably go on a straight-up no buy. That's a lot of eye shadow right there.

But I still really want coral/orange blusher.

Sunday, October 10

blog; Look me in the eye,

and tell it to me straight. Eyes are probably the most striking feature I wear on my face, and next to my hair -- Leos can be so vain about their manes, I tell ya, vain! -- is my favorite thing about myself. Apparently I have big eyes, and not that they need much help, but I love making them stand out.

The tools of the trade. (Plus under-eye concealer, of course.)

I have so many backups of the Wet 'n Wild brow pencil in Taupe that it's a little bit ridiculous. Whenever there's any kind of sale -- BOGO, BOGO half, 50% off -- I get a brow pencil or two. I really prefer using a pencil as opposed to a powder for my brows, just to help define the ends. The color is soft, too, it's not obvious as pencil even if it's a bit light for me. The spoolie helps with blending, though. Nice brows help frame the face, and the eyes. As for the mascara, that's L'Oreal's discontinued Panoramic Curl mascara, the waterproof version, and I hate that I'm on my first and last tube. I just discovered it when CVS was having that 50-75% off Beauty Sale a couple of months back. It's amazing: keeps a curl like nothing else, and lengthens, too. Doesn't flake, doesn't smudge, doesn't move. Sad that I found a possible HG only to have it snatched away by the business. The search for The Mascara continues.

The current candidate. Verdict? No.

I have the packaging right here next to me, and this mascara boasts "instant volume" right in print. Because it has collagen, or whatever. How much volume? It says "9x Volume" right here. Apparently the "Mega Brush" is supposed to help with this kind of thing. Do you want to know what "9x volume" looks like on me?

Seriously, Maybelline? No, seriously?

So that's going to be a no for The Colossal. My lashes are not even close to "colossal." When I think of "colossal" volume I think of actual, you know, volume. Those are my lashes on a regular day, but much darker. Oh, and the mascara has a really strong rose smell. It doesn't bother me -- though I'm not a fan of rose scents -- but it was still a little startling when I first opened the tube. Speaking of which, yellow mascara tube with purple accent? Do love. I love yellow, but I'm not buying this thing for the packaging.

Oh, and since I bought the washable version, this kills curls, too. That's a further no.

Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express retails for about $8 USD in drugstores. I paid less since I got it during a 40% off sale. Glad I waited. Was not impressed. Still loving the Panoramic Curl. L'Oreal continues to win the mascara battles: I'm still a huge fan of the L'Oreal Voluminous. I have two tubes in my dresser drawer right now for when I finish up Panoramic and Colossal. Oldie, but goldie. (I have a tube of L'Oreal's Extra Volume Collagen mascara, too, just so I can check that out.)

...what do you mean, I might have a mascara addiction? idea what you're talking about.

Anyway, have a turtle. His name is Quicky, but I call him Q for short.

He's waving goodbye.
Peace out.

blog; Bright-eyed.

before & after

There's really not a big difference in the two photos, because my makeup is minimal at best -- can't rock the brights like ARES can so I don't even trip. If there's any difference at all, though, it's how concealer makes me seem so much more awake. I've tried a couple of different concealers for my under-eye area, and none of them have really been all that great. My last liquid concealer was ULTA's, and while it was definitely opaque it was also pretty cakey and settled into lines. The MUFE concealer palette I own? Thicker, and worse. (Great for blemishes and redness, though.) There are so many concealers out there that I was wondering how much I'd go through before I found a good one -- drugstore, anyway, because I'm still not keen on dropping $16.50 USD for MAC concealers, I don't care how great they are. My dark circles are not nearly bad enough to merit $16.50 of cover-up.

(And if you're wondering why I'd have an MUFE concealer palette but not spend money on the MAC, I just want to say: the MUFE was a present.)

Turns out I didn't need to look too long. This look of wakefulness has been brought to you by:

E.L.F. Studio Line concealer in Medium

This is $3 USD, and it is some kind of magic. Feels nice and soothing -- must be the chamomile and green tea -- and removes puffiness! ...that'd be the caffeine. Blends very easily, and the highlighter's not bad either. It's very smooth for a liquid concealer, but dries quickly and doesn't feel tacky as it does. I've been using it for weeks, and I really like it. It's pretty amazing, considering I'm blogging at half-past four and I'm telling you, sometimes my dark circles can get really bad. But it works.

And it's $3 USD. I cannot ask for more. Or is it less?

And now, I should probably try and get that sleep. Thank god it's the weekend, or I'd be dead where I sit.

Friday, October 8

blog; Cooling down.

They say it's supposed to be autumn, but it feels more like summer than ever. The skies are blue, the weather balmy, it's just California being it's crazy self. I decided to wear some cool-toned colors on my eyes -- green, blue -- just to offset the feel of the day.

My face without foundation doesn't look half-bad, huh?