Thursday, September 30

blog; With actual substance!

Notice a big difference?

A childhood love of sodas and teas have rendered me a smile-mute; that is to say that when I smile, I do it close-lipped and quiet, without a hint of teeth. I was so embarrassed of my teeth, stained with chocolate and soda pop from years gone by. It doesn't help when almost everyone else around me seems to be free of this problem -- my brothers drink coffee (which is worse than soda in my opinion in terms of staining) and their smiles are downright dazzling. It's a real social handicap, being afraid to smile, especially because I love to laugh. I used to do it behind my hands. No, I wasn't being demure, I was being embarrassed.

After a lot of recent research, I decided to try and do something about it. After a lot of Google, and a lot of YouTube, I found that one Kandeejohnson teeth-whitening video, did some more research, and I've been using Plus White to whiten my teeth for the past week. Just one week and I'm already smiling. This makes me so happy.

And yeah, I'm still eating ice cream. Happy times two.

I've been trying to ease up on hauling, but somehow I've gone on a bit of a lipstick craze. I'm trying to find a good nude lipstick, which is why I tried Revlon's Matte lipstick in "Nude Attitude" and even Wet 'n Wild's MegaLast lipstick in 900B Pink Sugar but both wash me out. That bright lipstick is NYC's Ultra Last Lipwear in 405 Blue Rose, and I bought that just because the colour is so wild. It's hard to explain, but it's violet and I just couldn't resist. Also it was like $2. :( I'm wearing the Maybelline Colossal right now, but since it's the non-WP version it uncurled my lashes as soon as I put it on. And the volume? Not really seeing it...but we'll see once the formula starts to dry out a little.

My hair's starting to grow out; it always grows quickly in the summer.
Time to get a trim or something, maybe go shorter, with more layers.

My very good friend and awesome hairstylist ARES opened a new blog HERE. Check her out, she's absolutely awesome.


PS: This rapidly-developing crush on Korean pop culture has surely overtaken my life.

Tuesday, September 21

photos; When in doubt,

look up. The sky is as vast and free as the possibilities.

I hope everyone who reads this has a good week. ♥

blog; Best face.

Lately I've been gaining an interest in Korean uhljjang and Korean pop culture in general. I wonder what it is about the bright lights and the flash amidst all the selcas that I find so fascinating...

Must be the hallyu.

Friday, September 10

photos; Traveling snaps.

The title says it all. :)

My favourite snap is the last one. ♥

blog; To Anyone

Anyone a 2NE1 fan around here? I just recently discovered them and I've been wary about trying them out -- not a huge fan of girl groups here, not sure why -- but their newest music video for "Clap Your Hands" is pretty aces. I love their swagger, Minzy looks bangin', and Park Bom remains flawless as ever.

Also, I think it was CL who was wearing orange lipstick in the beginning of the music video? Do want. Orange is my in color of the year, I swear, I want orange blusher, orange lipstick,, I don't know about orange eyeliner, but that'd be interesting, wouldn't it?