Sunday, August 29

photos; Cherry Blossom

Lipstick by Wet 'n Wild: MegaColors line, in 904A, Cherry Blossom.
(This lipstick and the MegaColors line is discontinued, though.)

Wet 'n Wild is probably one of my most favorite drugstore brands; they have nice products, are fairly inexpensive, and are cruelty-free. Plus they've recently stepped up their game with their ColorIcons line. Thanks to a very reliable source, I've learned that Wet 'n Wild is BOGO free at Rite-Aid this week. Score. Guess where I'm going tomorrow?

I have also learned from another reliable source that ELF Studio Line products can be bought at 50% thanks to a sale that ends on the thirtieth. I don't actually need anything from the ELF Studio Line...or do I?

I can feel my debit card just wriggling in my wallet, hoping to be used.

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  1. *waves*
    How are you doing?
    Miss you, hope RL is treating you well.