Sunday, August 29

photos; Cherry Blossom

Lipstick by Wet 'n Wild: MegaColors line, in 904A, Cherry Blossom.
(This lipstick and the MegaColors line is discontinued, though.)

Wet 'n Wild is probably one of my most favorite drugstore brands; they have nice products, are fairly inexpensive, and are cruelty-free. Plus they've recently stepped up their game with their ColorIcons line. Thanks to a very reliable source, I've learned that Wet 'n Wild is BOGO free at Rite-Aid this week. Score. Guess where I'm going tomorrow?

I have also learned from another reliable source that ELF Studio Line products can be bought at 50% thanks to a sale that ends on the thirtieth. I don't actually need anything from the ELF Studio Line...or do I?

I can feel my debit card just wriggling in my wallet, hoping to be used.

Friday, August 27



Check it, listen, love. ♥

And I don't mean to sound desperate, but damn baby,
I'ma need you back; I don't care how many rabbits I'm pullin' outta hats,
I don't care how many times I wave this magic wand
I can't pretend like there's nothing wrong, come on.
I used to see you like all of the time, and now the only time
I see you is at night when I'm closing my eyes, when I'm dreamin',
hopin' it'll come true; damn shorty, I'm just hoping that you'll come through.


Tuesday, August 24

photos; Cut by ARES.

Last time I flashed a picture of me I looked like this.

Here are some wordless updates for you:

Cut by ARES, who is finally a licensed cosmetologist.

Hope you're all doing well. :)

Wednesday, August 4

blog; Little hero.

First of all, I am severely lacking in hair. But it feels kind of amazing. My friend ARES is a cosmetology student -- and she's amazing, might I add! -- and she cut my hair for me. Thinned it out a little and added some layers, too. When she gets her license she is totally going to kick some serious ass in the beauty world. And I get to blog about her awesome before anyone else! My hair looks really nice and healthy and the cut feels funny, but in a good way. I la-la-love it! (No photos because my laptop is broken and I can't upload digital camera photos onto this old bucket of bolts -- that I love nonetheless -- we call the family pc.)

Secondly, seeing ARES means seeing Diego and their son; they're my favourite little family. I love them. And my godson is brilliant. He's all of two (and a half!) and he sang the alphabet to me. His speech is clear with a hint of a lisp (thix??? six?!) and he is just the most darling little boy I have ever been blessed to meet. We were in the car earlier and he haughtily demanded a book! A book. This is a kid who enjoys his literature! My joy, it can't be contained in mere words. My godson is my little hero, and I feel so blessed to be a part of his life, however distant I may be. ARES has been told he might be a genius. I think he is. He's sweet as cherries and he loves to give kisses! He's going to be a heartbreaker when he's old enough to date. He already had girls fighting over him when he was playing at the playground with his dad, I heard!

I've never been good with kids. No patience. But goodness if my godson doesn't bring me a whole lot of joy. And I spent all of a half-hour in the car with him. Imagine if I got stuck with him an hour! He'd have me wrapped around his tiny pinky, that's for sure!

Lastly, I won .maitai's CNStores Giveaway! Exciting! I'm really thinking about what I should buy, and I'm torn between shoes -- boots or heels? I'll keep pondering...meanwhile, thank you, .mai, for creating the giveaway in the first place! :)

That's all, folks! Back to the depths of real life I go!

Monday, August 2

blog; Sigh,

I don't like not having my own laptop. :(

I really want to just get a new one but I should wait and see if the old one can be fixed...but as I'm sitting at the family pc right now blogging this, that'll be a while.


In other news I finished a Brent Weeks trilogy lent to me by a friend. It's amazing, I love it, and it is tragic. I'm such a sucker for fantasy epics, and this definitely counts as one. Ugh, cannot wait to discuss it with my friend when I return the book! :D