Saturday, June 5

photo; Hana-love.

And that was my hair for an entire evening as I celebrated my best friend's birthday with her at her house last night. And yes, I still have curly/wavy hair even as I write this.

My lipstick is Maybelline's Moisture Extreme lipstick in Cool Watermelon, which was 50% off at the CVS Beauty Clearance sale. In the tube it looks like a neon coral-pink but it's more subdued on the lips. I freaking love it and I can't believe I got it for $3US.

Have I mentioned how much I adore my new Hana flatiron?!

2am snap.

Currently listening to Crystal Kay's new song, FLASH. It's fabulous.


  1. You look super fab! I love the curly/wavy hair on you!

  2. you look super kawaii with nerd glasses :D ohh I heart crystal kay too<3 thank you for the super sweet comment but I really dont look like Aya Ueto she is way too pretty but thank you!!XD