Thursday, June 3

blog; Meeting Hana.

Back in April, I entered a giveaway for a Hana Professional 1-in flatiron, held by the always-sweet and bubbly Becky over at EveryDay Makeup. Last month, Becky contacted me to let me know that I'd won the giveaway. I was bowled over -- I don't usually win random-pick giveaways, especially for such a sweet product, know, I was very pleasantly surprised. Well, I went ahead and gave Becky my address so Misikko could send the flatiron to me, and...

Guess what arrived today?! ♥

My kid brother was the one who answered the door, and he called out to let me know what was going on. Unfortunately, I was jamming to my Japanese music (Meisa Kuroki has a new single and her songs are usually really catchy, even if they're not always good) and I didn't hear him. It was only about 20 minutes later that I went out into the living room and saw the box. I got all excited and opened it post-haste!

left; Most beautiful delivery ever? They sent me flowers!
right; is my Hana flatiron in its pink case. PINK CASE!

Misikko is an absolute dream. The packaging is great, everything was neat, nothing was broken, plus there were flowers. Fake ones, but whatever; they show they care. There was a little pouch where they included a hand sanitizer and some emery boards, just because, and that was just a really nice touch.

But mostly I was excited because I now own a quality, professional-grade flat iron. In pink.

Of course, I decided to have a go at it, to see what it could do. Misikko added a little bottle of their heat protection serum, which smells nice, feels like a body oil but isn't greasy-feeling in the slightest, and made my hair feel pretty silky-smooth. I had a few runs with the iron, straightening (great), crimping (my execution was crap), and curling (this took me a while and had varying degrees of success). In the end, I was pretty amazed.

That would be a chunk of curled hair. Curled hair. My hair doesn't curl. My hair doesn't do a lot of things. It just mostly hangs there and does what it wants, but usually we get along fairly well and my hair doesn't annoy me. Sometimes, though, a texture-change is in order, and I can do it now! Because this flatiron curls my hair! That is a really gorgeous curl! I haven't checked it for staying power yet, but it looks pretty, right?

Thanks to Misikko for sending me such a bitchin' flatiron, but more than that, thanks to Becky for holding the giveaway in the first place!~ I'm so excited to learn how to use this thing properly, I'll be practicing from now on...

...just in time for my best friend's birthday get-together tomorrow night!

And now, a quick snap of my fotd. I was inspired by pinup makeup -- black lines and bright lips.

PF Baked Eyeshadow Trio, Baked Spices
Wet 'n Wild pencil eyeliner, 651 Black
Wet 'n Wild H20 Proof liquid liner, 881 Black
Rimmel Volume Flash Mousse mascara, 003 Extreme Black
Wet 'n Wild brow kit, 963 Ash Brown

Wet 'n Wild MegaColor lipstick, 904A Cherry Blossom (dc'd)
Wet 'n Wild MegaColor lipstick, 907B Blackberry (dc'd)
NYX round lipstick, 606 Saturn
Celine Dion Sensational sheer lip gloss, clear

Maybelline Pure makeup, Nude Light 4
(used as a concealer instead of foundation)
MAC MSF, Medium/Natural with shimmer
E.L.F. Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder, Luminance
NYC bronzing powder, Sunny
NYC Blushable Creme Stick, Pink Flash


  1. Congrats dearie! I agree with you, Becky is one sweet bubbly girl.

    Lots of love,

  2. yaaay!!!!you got it whooo hooo! I love how missiko packaged everything sooo nicely :)