Saturday, June 26

blog; Updates and such.

Hi, Blogger-folks, it's been a while! I haven't written in two weeks!

I wish I could say I've been fantastically busy, but actually, I haven't. Spring term (of school) ended the week before last, and last week had been dedicated to a weekend with a Japanese pop star making his performing debut in Los Angeles. Jin Akanishi performed three mini-concerts in the span of two days to a very excited audience -- believe me, I was there! -- at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, California. It was entirely too fun and I don't know where that weekend went!

Now, though, things are a little bit more sedate. I've just been enjoying being on holiday, relaxing and taking things easy, so there's not been much to blog about. :/ otherwise I'd be here every day. Summer goals include finally getting that driver's license (and maybe a car??) and possibly renewing my passport for the trip to the Philippines everyone in my family's been pushing me to go on.

Not that I don't want to go, but it's just I don't want to go right now. I love my family but I know the moment I land I'll be besieged by questions and comments such as:
"What are you doing now?"
"Are you finished with school yet?"
"Why are you taking so long?"
"Do you have a boyfriend?"
"Why don't you have a boyfriend?"
"I know someone, are you interested?"
and my favourite...
"But you look so pretty! I don't know why you don't have a boyfriend!"

and I am just not ready for that sort of grilling. Right now, the only grilling I want involves fish and maybe vegetable kabobs.

Hmm, what else? Well, I've been going pretty steady with the Wii. I can't believe I'm working out 5 days a week now! It's been really good. I've been feeling much better and my metabolism's gone a bit mad. I used to eat small snacks quite often, but now I have to make sure to have salads and healthy snacks on hand, or I'll eat just about anything I can get my hands on! It's a good thing that working out has given me a healthier mindset, because I've been trading in salty snacks and microwavable dinners for learning to cook with variation and a lot of salads. It's gotten to the point that I don't even really think about burgers and fries anymore. I mean, sure, they're great, but...hmm.

I'm not sure whether to be happy or sad about this, to be perfectly honest. :(

Although tonight my dad took me to Claim Jumper's and I tried their new Citrus-Serrano Shrimp Pasta. It's pretty good, by the way, and the garlic cheese toast side is scrumptious. But despite my now-busy metabolism, I couldn't even put a dent in my plate. Seriously, I went at it for a good five minutes and it looked like I hadn't touched it when I gave up! On the bright side, I'll get to have it again for lunch later today (it's almost 3am as I write this)...and maybe even's a lot of food.

In addition to getting physically fit, I've been trying to get mentally and emotionally fit, too. Been doing a lot of thinking. My personal life's been pretty odd this past month so I've been trying to stay at a good place. I think I might start meditating again to keep myself level.

I try not to get too sad. It's summertime; my birthday will be coming before I know it.

I want to go on a getaway.

Today was...interesting.

Thursday, June 10

photos; Brights.

My sister-in-law and I were at TJ Maxx when I wandered over to the wallets/clutches section of the store and stared, slack-jawed at a collection of brightly-coloured wallets. My sister-in-law noticed, walked over, and told me to pick out what I wanted. Whatever I chose would be her birthday present to me.

I was terribly indecisive and returned to her with three in my grasp. I asked her to choose what she thought was nicest and she ended up buying me all three of them.

My favourite might have to be the quilted pink one.

Saturday, June 5

photo; Hana-love.

And that was my hair for an entire evening as I celebrated my best friend's birthday with her at her house last night. And yes, I still have curly/wavy hair even as I write this.

My lipstick is Maybelline's Moisture Extreme lipstick in Cool Watermelon, which was 50% off at the CVS Beauty Clearance sale. In the tube it looks like a neon coral-pink but it's more subdued on the lips. I freaking love it and I can't believe I got it for $3US.

Have I mentioned how much I adore my new Hana flatiron?!

2am snap.

Currently listening to Crystal Kay's new song, FLASH. It's fabulous.

Thursday, June 3

blog; Meeting Hana.

Back in April, I entered a giveaway for a Hana Professional 1-in flatiron, held by the always-sweet and bubbly Becky over at EveryDay Makeup. Last month, Becky contacted me to let me know that I'd won the giveaway. I was bowled over -- I don't usually win random-pick giveaways, especially for such a sweet product, know, I was very pleasantly surprised. Well, I went ahead and gave Becky my address so Misikko could send the flatiron to me, and...

Guess what arrived today?! ♥

My kid brother was the one who answered the door, and he called out to let me know what was going on. Unfortunately, I was jamming to my Japanese music (Meisa Kuroki has a new single and her songs are usually really catchy, even if they're not always good) and I didn't hear him. It was only about 20 minutes later that I went out into the living room and saw the box. I got all excited and opened it post-haste!

left; Most beautiful delivery ever? They sent me flowers!
right; is my Hana flatiron in its pink case. PINK CASE!

Misikko is an absolute dream. The packaging is great, everything was neat, nothing was broken, plus there were flowers. Fake ones, but whatever; they show they care. There was a little pouch where they included a hand sanitizer and some emery boards, just because, and that was just a really nice touch.

But mostly I was excited because I now own a quality, professional-grade flat iron. In pink.

Of course, I decided to have a go at it, to see what it could do. Misikko added a little bottle of their heat protection serum, which smells nice, feels like a body oil but isn't greasy-feeling in the slightest, and made my hair feel pretty silky-smooth. I had a few runs with the iron, straightening (great), crimping (my execution was crap), and curling (this took me a while and had varying degrees of success). In the end, I was pretty amazed.

That would be a chunk of curled hair. Curled hair. My hair doesn't curl. My hair doesn't do a lot of things. It just mostly hangs there and does what it wants, but usually we get along fairly well and my hair doesn't annoy me. Sometimes, though, a texture-change is in order, and I can do it now! Because this flatiron curls my hair! That is a really gorgeous curl! I haven't checked it for staying power yet, but it looks pretty, right?

Thanks to Misikko for sending me such a bitchin' flatiron, but more than that, thanks to Becky for holding the giveaway in the first place!~ I'm so excited to learn how to use this thing properly, I'll be practicing from now on...

...just in time for my best friend's birthday get-together tomorrow night!

And now, a quick snap of my fotd. I was inspired by pinup makeup -- black lines and bright lips.

PF Baked Eyeshadow Trio, Baked Spices
Wet 'n Wild pencil eyeliner, 651 Black
Wet 'n Wild H20 Proof liquid liner, 881 Black
Rimmel Volume Flash Mousse mascara, 003 Extreme Black
Wet 'n Wild brow kit, 963 Ash Brown

Wet 'n Wild MegaColor lipstick, 904A Cherry Blossom (dc'd)
Wet 'n Wild MegaColor lipstick, 907B Blackberry (dc'd)
NYX round lipstick, 606 Saturn
Celine Dion Sensational sheer lip gloss, clear

Maybelline Pure makeup, Nude Light 4
(used as a concealer instead of foundation)
MAC MSF, Medium/Natural with shimmer
E.L.F. Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder, Luminance
NYC bronzing powder, Sunny
NYC Blushable Creme Stick, Pink Flash

Wednesday, June 2


Because there comes a time in a girl's life when she wants to spend some quality time with her digital camera and be completely, utterly vain.

I think a little vanity is a good thing. I think it's great when a girl looks particularly sassy and can step out and be like, "Look at me, world, I'm fucking fabulous!" and not let a single thing get her down. I think more girls should spend a day like that. A day where if she gets a compliment about something she says, or does, or even just looks, she doesn't shake her head and wave off the flattery -- she smiles brighter, stands up straighter, and says, "Thank you, I am pretty cool, wasn't it?" Because girl, you probably are. Own your awesome, please and thank you.

Makeup inspired by a Japanese song called "WATER DANCE," sung by Japanese idol group KAT-TUN.

For the past 2-4 weeks, I've used shampoo on my hair maybe a grand total of three times. I've been using the no-shampoo method on my hair and I think my hair and scalp are adjusting quite well. I use baking soda & vinegar 1-2 times a week and just rinse with water all the other times I shower. Other than the initial adjustment period, my hair/scalp doesn't seem to protest, so I think I'll stay on this. Eco-friendly, healthy, and cheap!~ (A box of baking soda costs what, $2US?)

blog; Wheeee!

I ordered a new tote bag from a prize catalog my father gave me way back in April and it arrived today! It's so big and sturdy and black on the outside but hot pink on the inside! It's awesome!