Monday, May 31

photos; The garden.

It rained a bit the day I took these photos, so the lighting was different. I liked it. (Baby albino cactus, yay!)

YouTube pet peeve #1: When doing costume/dramatic makeup, please don't say things like, "Blend the foundation/blush so that it looks natural." The fact that it is costume/dramatic makeup means that it is clearly not meant to be natural! Please don't be confusing! If you are applying a foundation that is supposed to make you look like a vampire, you are not going for a natural look! Please use words like "subtle" if describing unnatural contouring, or maybe "seamless" for blending. There are so many other words out there -- please wield them with relish!

This might just be me being a wordnerd, but I am watching Michelle Phan's "Tim Burton" makeup tutorial and after using foundation 1-2 shades lighter than her actual shade, she tells the world to then use translucent powder to "keep it natural." MP. You're doing a look inspired by Tim-effin'-Burton. There's nothing natural about it. :| not the words I'd use!

Aaaaand, exhale. I will now eat a salad. With ranch dressing. Yum.

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