Wednesday, May 19

photos; Baby haul 19 May 2010

Jeez, California, give us more spring days, will you? (Especially as we're already heading into summer territory?)

Snap of the day. :)

This week, Rite-Aid is having a BOGO Free sale for everything Wet 'n Wild. I walked on over hoping they'd replaced their old display with some really good stuff from the new line -- ColorIcon palettes! -- and was met with a nearly-empty and not!updated display of Wet 'n Wild products. sigh.

Anyway, I bought some stuff anyway. And I saw the limited edition NYC makeup stuff with a $1 off manufacturer's coupon sitting right I took a coupon and the last tube of NYC's new cream blush stick in "Pink Flash" along with four new Wet 'n Wild eyeliner pencils.

Wet 'n Wild pencil eyeliner in 648 Taupe not shown.

The NYC cream blush stick looks wild on my hand and in the tube, but it isn't bad blended out. Anyway, haven't tested it for lasting power, but clearly the pigmentation is quite nice. As for the Wet 'n Wild eyeliners...they were $0.99US each and buy one, get one free. So it was like saving $2US for four pigmented pencils -- one for brows and three for fun.

I used one of the new liners I've got for a blue look -- 667 Deep Blue -- and it's so nice and creamy and smudgy. I love Wet 'n Wild pencil liners. They're so inexpensive but fun! The colour payoff is really good, too. I might go back and get a couple more in the bronze colour... (Of course they smudge and fade eventually but they're decent, especially for the price!)

eyes; Wet 'n Wild shadows & liner
cheeks; NYC cream blush stick, Pink Flash

Okay, I swear that this is the last of my spending!

...except for tomorrow when Pixi is having that 90% off super-sale.

Oh, my poor debit card...!

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  1. Pretty girl. You won my Hana Flat Iron giveaway!!! Woo hooo! Please email me your address so I can let the sponsor know so they can send it to you. You still live in Cali right?