Sunday, May 9

notes; All day, every day.

The makeup in question:
● Rimmel Lasting Finish 16hr liquid foundation
● Wet 'n Wild H20-Proof liquid eyeliner

time; 11am Pacific, Saturday

time; 3am Pacific, Sunday

Minimal fuss/touchups for both products. Minimal (read: negligible) smudging, fading, smearing on both products. My face lasted me from lunch at a Korean barbecue place -- fire and heat -- to a midnight showing -- late nights -- of "Iron Man 2." Did I mention I slept before heading off to the theaters for the movie? And the eyeliner was still in fight mode when I got home and refused to come off even with a wet wipe. I ended up doing what I could and toppling into bed without a good wash. I'm disgusting that way.

Anyway, based on this performance, I would definitely recommend both Rimmel's Lasting Finish foundation and Wet 'n Wild's H20 Proof eyeliner as long-lasting, inexpensive must-haves. I wanna go swimming with this eyeliner on and see how it goes. It seems like it'd take that, too, and not even budge.

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  1. wow sounds like a great eyeliner! Let me know how it goes swimming with it, I've been looking for an eyeliner that will stay on for pool parties :D hope you had a great weekend!