Friday, May 7

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A snap of Mother's orchids.

I think I'm finally getting over getting sick. Which is really pathetic, if I think about it, since it's taken me a whole week to get over a stupid cold...but whatever. I'm no longer absently reaching for the Kleenex and the Ricola, so today is a really good day, okay. I even got to pull out a palette and look nice. Good day, good day. Forget the menorrhea, self, and just focus on the good day...

Weekend plans involve Korean barbecue with the family. Lookin' forward to stuffing my face with delicious grilled meat, accompanied with bowls of white rice and as much bancha (side dishes) as I'm allowed to order. Big brother's footing the bill, last I heard!

And I plan to visit Kohl's next week.

Hello there, $10 gift card sent to me by mail.

I think I want to put it towards a flat iron. They've got the Remington one I want on sale, plus the gift card means ~more savings~ but we'll see how I feel once I check out the shoes. Those are the only things I really feel like checking out, anyway. What else is good at Kohl's?

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