Tuesday, May 18

blog; Queen Namie.

That's Queen Namie to you.

For those not knowing the lingo -- "HBIC" stands for "Head Bitch In Charge," which I think is an acronym that describes Namie Amuro to a T. The woman is a mother, a singer, a fashion icon, a model, and is 32 but looks better than other Japanese women in their twenties. This woman couldn't look bad if she was walking around barefoot and wearing a potato sack...covered in mud.

Most female idols in my age range become idols just so they can meet Namie Amuro. She's sassy, she's smart, she's strong, and she will never go out of style, because she is the style: Queen Namie tells Japan what looks good just by wearing it.

If I could be one-quarter as fierce as this woman, then I'd feel pretty awesome about myself.

I keep wishing to find the same kind of awesome she owns, but then I realise something: Namie Amuro didn't just magically become the Queen -- this woman earned her title. She went through image changes, a marriage, a divorce, a kid, her mother's murder, and walked through it all in her stylish stiletto boots to end up performing at the World Music Awards this year as the best-selling artist in Asia. Namie Amuro busted her ass and learned every dance and memorized every lyric that got her on that international stage. Namie Amuro probably hasn't felt "lazy" since she got her foot in the door of the entertainment industry. That body? She worked for every curve she's got. She owns that swagger. She bought it with hard work and sweat and hours of choreography and rehearsal.

And what have I been doing? My last blog was a whiny post about how I felt gross but couldn't summon enough energy to work out in the comfort of my own home.

Priorities -- consider them straightened.

Summer's coming. I want to swagger down the boardwalk in my shorts, yo.

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  1. I absolutely love this post! (I read this a while ago but didn't get a chance to comment.) I think it's only human to look at someone else and wish to be like that person and/or have what she/he has...but then you do realize, you can earn it for yourself, you just have to go through your own process! =)

    Thank you for your sweet comment, very much appreciated. I hope you are enjoying your summer and be sure to swagger!!