Monday, May 3

blog; Makeup doesn't matter...

...when you've got a nasty bug making you cough every other word you speak. :(

On Friday I hosted a mini-sleepover with my three best friends because one of us -- we'll call her Honey -- managed to get a teaching job all the way in Japan, and we were doing a sort of "Bon voyage!" thing where we were supposed to eat, drink, and generally make merry. So much for that; thanks to her family's last-minute desires to "spend more time together before she leaves in three days," Honey was pretty MIA for most of the sleepover except near the very end. I love Honey's family, but on the grounds of sounding like an obnoxious brat -- we requested Friday night first! How unfair.

Well, nothing to be said about it. We hung out for a couple of hours, watched "300," and went to sleep, had breakfast, and then I was alone for the rest of the weekend. Sometime between the beginning and the end of "300," I managed to catch something, and I've been sick since Saturday morning. fml.

I think the worst part of it, to me, is that I managed to skip Monday classes, but it wasn't even for my original intentions -- seeing Honey off at the airport. I was laying in bed with a sore throat and feeling groggy from the NyQuil I took the night before. Ugh.

Right now, Honey's on a flight to Japan, ready to spend a year in the land of the rising sun.

I just hope she still has the directions I wrote down for her so she can get from Narita Airport to Kanagawa (where she's supposed to be).

I'm feeling better, if not making odd yipping sounds like some sort of mad chihuahua with kennel cough, but wow, nothing like a weekend of feeling like crap to make a girl look like crap, too. At least I've finally been able to have a decent shower, but still. Tomorrow I'm making a huge batch of sugar body scrub and monopolizing the bathroom for the evening.

And I still need to take care of this mop on my head I call my hair. Ugh.

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  1. awww hope you feel better soon!! being sick is never good :(