Thursday, May 13

blog; Latest purchase.

Just finished ordering a bunch of stuff from and using one of those spiffing codes to eliminate some of the cost. I've been on a bit of a brush kick and I'm gonna try out some of their Studio Line brushes! Hopefully I get them by the weekend, because I'm impatient~

I ended up nagging one of my friends to pick out stuff, too, since my coupon code needed a minimum purchase and I really didn't need $20 worth of ELF stuff. But I ordered these brushes:

๑ Studio Line Powder Brush (thanks to a very strong recommendation from Erynn of e.motion!)
๑ Studio Line Contour Brush
๑ Studio Line Angled Foundation Brush
๑ Studio Line Small Precision Brush

My total ended up being $19.45US, which is totally awesome, but I feel immensely guilty, because I rarely spend so much money at one go. (Yeah, I'm cheap...or "frugal" would be the better word...) I mean, I know it's my money to do with as I wish,, $20 of makeup at one go is just weird to me!

Says the girl who dropped $40 on a MAC 130, right? I can tell you right now, that's probably a once-in-a-lifetime thing, unless I win the lottery. And even then!

Anyway, ELF's usually been good to me about shipping and not being a total jerk about losing anything in my order, so I'm waiting til I get my package! My friend Hilly ended up buying one of the Beauty Encyclopedias, and I'm excited to give it to her. It's the least I can do; she bought my tickets for this awesome concert we're attending next month! (I'm no good with online things, and the tickets were being sold on

Whew! Now, I'm gonna take a shower and possibly rue my materialism.

I say this like I haven't been agonising over this decision to buy really inexpensive beauty things for two weeks. Which is exactly what I had been doing, by the way, lol.


  1. I'm exactly like that.. I hate spending money, but not to a "cheap" point. I just don't like it. I like to get things for less than everyone else.. I shop around ^^,

  2. Yeah, I wish I could just buy things without having to consider it seriously all the time, but I can't make myself work that way, haha. And most of the time I can wait months for some sort of BOGO or clearance sale. XD I totally shop around.