Thursday, May 20

blog; Good day today.

(Today was a really good day~)

I didn't get much of a chance to write about here, but a week or so ago my friend K informed me that UK cosmetics brand Pixi was going to have a really fantastic sale going on in Culver City on this date. It was a one-day sale of Pixi products for a whopping 90% off! I live pretty close to Culver City -- maybe a half-hour drive on a good day, less if the 405 freeway is being especially sweet -- so I told her I wanted to tag along. The sale was going on from 8am -, yeah, I decided to play hooky and go check out some Pixi makeup. Shhhh!

We wanted to get to the sale early, so we did; we were there by 9 or 9:30am. That's about the time I get up to start getting ready for class, so I was so space-cased like you wouldn't believe, but I perked up when I saw the sale -- Pixi cosmetics (they're sold at Target usually) are usually $12-$32.00US were being sold for $5US...max.

I was ready to pull out that debit card like a Hilton heiress, let me just say, when K told me the devastating news: cash only.

I was ready to stalk out and head to the nearest bank right then and there, but the nice man who was manning the sales very nicely said I could go shopping first and he would my purchases on hold when I go withdraw money at the nearest bank (a Wells Fargo). I was touched, told him thank you, and then K and I stepped into battle --

okay, it wasn't really a battle. It was a little suite office filled with boxes upon boxes of Pixi makeup and two impeccably-dressed Pixi salesgirls. There were already a few women browsing, but it wasn't like some madhouse, for which I was fervently glad. K and I wandered around, the salesgirls handed us some plastic bags, and K was absolutely indiscriminate -- if she saw it, and she liked it, it went in her bag.

I was a little bit more frugal. K had money to spend. I did too, but at a much lesser capacity. So I picked and poked around, skipped lip cosmetics -- I've got enough lipsticks to last me a while -- and the giant palettes -- haha, yeah, my Profusion 88 palette and Giovi 120 palette don't even have dents in them! -- completely, and focused on blushers (my current obsession) and maybe a a shadow palette or something for my friend Hilly. (She hits me when I get her things, but I know secretly she loves it. She should stop the playacting...or I'll bruise!)

I ended up getting about ten things, which cost $15US. I needed fifteen dollars because I have a slight case of obsessive-compulsive disorder and if I can round things to the nearest five or number divisible by four, I do it. I also turn doorknobs and lock-unlock them before I go to bed. I'm weird, I know.

K ends up getting so much more than myself, calls it a day, and we head to pay. K offers to pay for my stuff, but I'm iffy. I really feel weird about that sort of thing, you know! I give my bag to the nice man to hold while I run down to the bank and withdraw some money --

and K, that scheming, beautiful, wonderful woman, gives her purchases to the guy and says, "Paying for both." Like it's nothing! Like that isn't an extra fifteen dollars out of her wallet. I gape at her like a fish, sputter out, "A-are you sure?!" and the girl just nods and takes out some cash. Wham. Bam. Thank you, ma'am.

(I was still fish-gaping.)

She walks out like nothing out of the ordinary just happened, and when we get to her car she's just like, "Let's go to Denny's!"

My friends are amazing.

We actually ended up going to a Coco's, mostly because we needed a bathroom something fierce. We had a little too much fun with all the testers back at the sale and our hands were makeup palettes (why didn't we think to bring wipes?), so we washed up and were just wondering what else we could do when V, one of K's friends, shoots her a text message to say she just arrived at the sale. K and I exchanged glances and went straight back to see her, since K rarely saw V while V was studying at UCLA. I met V -- she was a sweetheart! -- and K ended up getting one last purchase: a shade of blusher she didn't get the first time around. She also found this one eye shadow palette thing I'd wanted when we arrived, but it was out of stock and apparently they just restocked it then. She paid for that, too, and then V had to go head back to school with her purchases and K and I were back to where we started.

K decided on finding food. I said "aye" and we headed to Little Tokyo.

left: me in K's car -- I just like making stupid faces.
right: random painting I snapped at the Little Tokyo Galleria~

In Little Tokyo, there is a hole-in-the-wall restaurant called スエヒロ, or Suehiro. The word means "folding fan" in Japanese, and it serves some delicious food for pretty decent prices. (Standard dishes include rice bowls, curries, cutlets and soups.) I don't get to visit Little Tokyo often, so I was surprised when I saw that Suehiro had a new dish on their menu: Hayashi rice. Hayashi rice is a kind of savory beef stew served over white rice, and I'd never actually had it before, but I'd seen it on a drama called "Meteor Bond" (流星の絆) starring some really attractive Japanese guys. I was pretty intrigued, so I ordered it -- and Suehiro did not disappoint.

left: I look unenthusiastic, but it was just hot outside.
right: my Hayashi rice dish. 美味しそう! (Looks good!)

This Hayashi rice is beef, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms and garlic (I think?) simmered in a brown gravy flavoured with red wine. The sauce itself was savoury and sweet without being too overpowering, and the beef wasn't as tender as I'd like but it was still a pleasure to eat. This dish cost me $8US and comes with the usual miso soup. If you ever stop by Suehiro's, I'd recommend it. Suehiro can be found right across the street from Little Tokyo's Miyako Hotel.

(I cleaned that bowl, by the way. No grain of rice was left behind!)

K and I walked around a bit -- a whole serving of Hayashi rice made me feel a little sluggish, and then she went to drop me off home before she went to try and beat rush hour traffic. I thanked her, went inside, had a little nap, and woke up remembering that I had a whole bunch of Pixi makeup in my bag.

Now you get spammed with pictures. Haul ti~me!

(I ♥ my eco bag! Mousepeace 2008!)

All this cost about $15.00US. The smokey palette alone is $18.00US retail.

Today was just really fun. And as if this Pixi haul wasn't enough, I came home to THIS announcement by Becky from EVERYDAY MAKEUP, telling me that I won her Hana flat iron giveaway. When I read the announcement (twice! Just to make sure!), I screamed. I couldn't help it! I'm so lucky my brothers didn't think I was having a seizure or something like that!

K, Becky, thanks for making today absolutely awesome. :)

And's time for a workout.

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