Sunday, May 23

blog; ELF haul!

On Friday night, my favourite glamour-girl and one-and-only stylist ARES graduated from cosmetology school! How absolutely exciting. I, along with the rest of her friends, decided to go to her grad night to show her our support and our joy at her achievement -- in addition to tagging along to the club/bar where she'd be celebrating her final night at the school as a student. ARES was gorgeous as always (blonde curls with a cute headband, and a denim-tulle dress...yes, you read that right!) and there was a fair bit of crying, but they were happy tears, I'm sure!

ARES' cosmetology classmates, me, and DS.

The celebration took place at Mai Tai in Long Beach, which is a club/bar...though it's more of a bar than a club, that's for sure. It was a pretty place, but it was kind of small and there wasn't an actual dance floor to speak of. I rarely go out at night, but when I do I have certain expectations -- dance-related expectations -- and these were not met! Oh well. It wasn't a bad time, all in all. Got home at half-past three and knocked out almost immediately.

I woke up late on Saturday to my kid brother telling me I had a package!

"A package?" I asked groggily. I went to check. I smiled.

Everything that isn'ta Studio Line brush is a gift for my friend Hilly. :)

Man, for $3US a pop, the Studio brushes are super soft! They smelled odd when they came out of their packaging, but that's why you wash a recently-acquired brush is all I'm sayin'. I've never had a foundation brush before so I want to see how it's different from a duo-fiber foundation brush like the MAC 130 I've got. Exciting!~ (I am expecting a lot out of that flat-top powder brush, by the way, if its reviews are anything to go by.)

In other news I spent 30 minutes on the "My Fitness Coach" for the Wii and my fictional personal trainer Maya is a demoness. I am all kinds of "ouch! SORE :(" and it is not fun, I tell ya. I'd better have some great results after three weeks of this...


  1. THe ELF brushes are amazing! and you girls are gorgeous!

  2. The brushes are super soft! Wow! I wasn't expecting such density from the powder brush, either...

    Thank you so much! Ugh, all the cosmetology girls were these glamorous divas and I was walking around in a black knit dress, haha. I felt so out of place!

  3. haha I need to get on my wii fitness too. I have abandoned it for awhile.

    I've been lemming on a those elf studio line. I'm waiting for another 50% off.

  4. I've just recently come back my own Wii Fit after 2+ months. My body got used to me being lazy. :(

    Just from a first impression, the powder brush is really cool. It looks like it can work for blushes and bronzers and powder foundations. I'm so stoked to try it out!

  5. ooh I just got in a ELF hual and the brushes are so good!

    Cute blog!