Monday, April 26

photos; Rimmel Lasting Finish

Last week CVS Pharmacy had a sale in which all Rimmel cosmetics were BOGO Free. I was considering buying their Lasting Finish foundation, which claims 16 hours of wear, no transfer, and a mineral-enriched formula allowing the skin to breathe.

I don't really like wearing foundations on normal days, but when I do decide to put something on, I have Revlon Colorstay in 310 Warm Golden, which is a near-perfect match. On the downside, most of the times I go out with foundation on, it's dark, there's flash photography going on, and I look really pale and ghostly and creepy in pictures. So I thought that maybe I'd go for a foundation without the SPF and see how that would go.

My shade in Rimmel's Lasting Finish foundation is 300 Sand. I'm an NC35 in MAC.

time; 5pm Pacific, sunset
place; hallway :: direct sunlight

time; 5pm Pacific, sunset.
place; bathroom :: indirect sunlight

time; ~5pm Pacific, sunset.
place; dim room :: with flash

The colour match is pretty spot-on, and though I still get a pale cast in flash photos, it's not as bad as when I wear the Colorstay. Rimmel smells nicer, too. :/ I haven't worn it enough to test longevity, but that no-transfer claim? Lie. I wiped my mouth on a napkin and the foundation around the area came off with my spaghetti sauce. On the bright side part two, I haven't broken out yet.

Jumping to skincare -- yeah, this isn't an obvious segue at all -- look what I got as a present from my dad!

DARPHIN, Paris: gentle, plant-based skincare that's super-expensive! I checked out one of the products on that photo -- the "Niaouli Aromatic Care," which is a facial oil -- and that bottle (15mL/0.5oz) is $70US. Now multiply that by seven, which is the amount of full-sized products I've got going on...if this stuff doesn't work, I quit.


  1. I just bought that foundation when it was on sale too, so I got it for like $3 something : ) I like the "flawless" finish (it does feel a bit sticky/heavy though) and for me, it does seem to last really long. Maybe not quite 16 hours though, but still pretty much the entire day without looking gross by the end of the day. I agree with the "non" transfer too... not totally true! I find it does fare a bit better than other foundations I've tried, but it still comes off a bit... like when I had to blow my nose XP I got 202 Nude. I'm wondering if maybe the shade you got would be a good match for me too. It looks great on you! : )

    And wooow, those products are priiicey. I hope they work!!