Thursday, April 1

photos; On the way home.

Today was cold and windy and I don't get why California is acting like this in spring.

Despite the weather, I decided to walk home instead of hitching a ride.
(And no, I don't see a reason not to wear red lipstick today, not at all.)

On the way, I stopped by Rite-Aid again and spent another $3.

I'm hopeless. Utterly, utterly hopeless. Except I'm the hopeless who has six new lipsticks (added to the four colours I got yesterday~), two new nail polishes (and I'm going to put that pink on tonight), a new matte blush, and a new highlighter. So I can't really be sad about that...but seriously, self. Stop it.

Today's outfit involved a lot of pink and nerd glasses.

And I looked a little something like this.


  1. Do you need the glasses, or are they just an accessory? Also, the first pic looks like a paparazzi one where you don't want to be photographed, or were not expecting to be...

  2. The glasses aren't prescription. They do, however, shield my eyes from UV rays, so I feel like they're important. :)

    dfsjdflk I was snapping a pic as I was walking home, and just as I pressed the shutter I saw something and was like, "Ooh!"