Thursday, April 8

photos; Macaroni and cheese.

My mum, kid brother and I have split up dinner chores, so this week belongs to me. This week is also known as pasta week, since I found my mom's stash of pastas in the pantry. Today I made macaroni and cheese with cheddar and Swiss. And yummy, yummy tuna.

left; half that'll be put away til tomorrow
right; half that's baked with crackers & cheese

left; macaroni, cheddar & Swiss cheese, tuna
right; bake for fifteen to twenty minutes

I purposely planned on making extra because my friend who is visiting tomorrow doesn't eat meat, and it's actually difficult to have meatless meals in this house. But I didn't think I'd actually end up with so much...well, someone's taking some extra mac & cheese home, that's for sure.

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