Friday, April 2

notes; WnW and ELF.

Today, I was pretty preppy.

I just ate prior to snapping this photo, too. sigh.

Last night I tried on the two new (clearance and soon-to-be-discontinued) Wet 'n Wild nail polishes I got from Rite-Aid, and today I decided to spend waste a dollar on the E.L.F. liquid eyeliner pen from Target. Plus a Kit-Kat. The Kit-Kat was infinitely more satisfactory.

Wet 'n Wild Wild Shine nail polishes.
445D Sapphire Blue on left, 451C Flirty Rose Crème on right.

Flirty Rose Crème is a milky, cotton candy pink. Sapphire Blue is a deep, deep blue with subtle, light blue sparkles. Both have a thin, almost watery consistency. Between the two, Sapphire Blue was easier to apply -- Flirty Rose Crème required three coats to achieve the opacity shown in the photo and it was very obviously streaky. Sapphire Blue needed only one coat for full opacity, but I made it two just in case. There was less streaking and more shine.

And the particular pink just looks a little weird on me.

But duochrome nails are fun!

Earlier today I dropped by Target to buy E.L.F.'s $1 liquid eyeliner pen. I ask myself now, "Why did you do that."

See that face I'm making in the left picture? That's my unimpressed face.
I bought this liquid liner in the colour "Black." That isn't black.
That is a dark gray attempting to be a black. Attempt failed.

The pen is a felt tip which is supposed to be extra precise, and that's great, if I had liquid liner to use with precision. But that isn't black liquid liner. And I shook it, had it upside down, all that jazz -- still not black. It's uneven, too. To make that line on the right picture, I had to go over it a second time. And it still wasn't black. On the plus side -- this may be the only plus side -- it sets quickly and doesn't smudge. I might just use it to go over my gel liners so that they don't smudge, either. But I want my dollar back.

At the checkout line at Target I spied a Kit-Kat bar for 67 cents. That was a better investment than this pen. At least the Kit-Kat left me satisfied.

I guess I'll end up with my Wet 'n Wild liquid eyeliner again~

Currently madly in love with my Amethyst Ice lipstick from Wet 'n Wild.
This was a 47-cent investment that worked out like whoa.

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